The advantages of mounting your television on the wall

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When you mount your TV on the wall, what are some of the advantages you'll gain?

They're slicker, save space, and are safer when installed on a wall in Eltham.

Wall mounting TV in Eltham services eliminate the need for a specific TV cabinet and preserve valuable floor space by mounting your TV on the wall. An infrared extension can hide a Blu-ray player, amplifier, or another device from view.


A TV on a stand is vulnerable to being pushed over by curious toddlers, curious animals, and curious charades players. By mounting your TV to the wall, you'll avoid any accidental bumps and keep both you and your TV secure.

Getting a clean, minimalist look can be as simple as clearing out the clutter. When you mount your TV on the wall, all of your cables will be run through the cavity in the wall. As a result, there is no longer any visual clutter, tripping hazards, or unsightly cable tangles behind the television.

Is there anything else I should keep in mind?

Installing a television on a wall can be complicated if the room has a fireplace or brick walls. In the end, it comes down to your living space and the sort of wall you want to mount the television on. Ensure that your TV bracket is well-secured if you're mounting it on a plaster wall. Without finding a stud or substantial piece of wood in the wall, the TV will end up on the floor!

While mounting your TV on a brick wall may make it more durable, passing the TV wire through the wall will be more challenging. This can be resolved with your installer before starting the job.

Nearby Chimneys

Another thing to think about is whether or not any nearby chimneys could make it difficult to get cable service. TVs placed above a vent may be affected by the fireplace's heat. Be aware that the screen's height, whether above a shelf or a fireplace, can affect the angle of sight.

WiFi interfering factors

A wall-mounted smart TV's capacity to receive a strong WiFi connection may be compromised. The reason for this is that if your TV is positioned far from your modem/router, it may be near a border, which could create signal interference.

There are several ways to reduce the severity of this issue:

  • To prevent the TV from responding to WiFi signals, hardwire a network cable into the wall cavity.
  • Make it easier to access your modem/router by moving it to a more accessible location.
  • Improve WiFi coverage in your home by installing a wireless access point (WAP).

When mounting a television on a wall, where do all the cables go?

A good TV installer will do so any time the cords can be routed through your wall cavities. This conceals the connections and streamlines the look of your TV setup. A recessed power outlet and cable management plate are often installed behind the TV by electricians when it is mounted. All of your A/V equipment's power, internet, antenna, and HDMI connections will be routed through the wall behind your TV. This means there aren't any unsightly cords behind your television!


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