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The Advantages of Opting for Custom-Built Metal Buildings

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Do you need to build a facility for your business or a specific structure for private use? In any case, you can count on Armstrong Steel's custom pre-engineered metal buildings. Let America’s top manufacturer of metal structures be your source of durable, reliable, and cost-effective structures that meet your specific requirements in aesthetics and functionality. Regardless of your industry or needs, our in-house team of building consultants will work closely with you to design and customize the perfect metal building.



Why build with metal?



Metal buildings are the most flexible structures in the market for DIY enthusiasts, builders, contractors, families, and businesses. They are durable, flexible, and require minimum to no maintenance, so they bring many significant benefits to any owner. With Armstrong Steel, you can easily customize one of our pre-engineered steel buildings according to your desired aesthetics and functionality.



Building with metal also allows you to employ advanced designs without compromising construction times, costs, and energy efficiency. When you build with Armstrong Steel, you can finish your project quickly and cost-effectively while leaving room for future expansions.



Here are more advantages you get from choosing Armstrong Steel’s custom-built metal buildings:



Worry-free structures



Pre-engineered metal buildings are strong enough to survive earthquakes, high winds, snowfall, and heavy rains. Armstrong Steel coats its steel roof panels with Galvalume, an aluminum compound that prolongs the lifespan while preventing rust. Additionally, steel is a non-combustible material that won’t easily be destroyed by fire.



Easy and quick to assemble



Building a traditional wood or concrete structure can take at least a few months. Meanwhile, custom-built metal buildings are ready to assemble and erect, as all parts are pre-engineered according to local building codes and loads.



Armstrong Steel provides all the necessary anchor bolt patterns, erection guides, and detailed assembly drawings to take the guesswork out of assembling and erecting your structure. Moreover, all bolt-together connections are pre-punched, and most pre-cut and numbered components correspond to the drawings for faster assembly with lower labor costs.



Flexible layouts



With Armstrong Steel, you can decide whether your building has few or no interior columns for a more flexible layout. It's easy to modify metal buildings with any other construction material to make them look less industrial and more trendy. This flexibility also simplifies length or width extensions if you want to expand your building in the future.



Customize your metal building with Armstrong Steel now and experience these benefits yourself. Get a quote for custom built metal buildings from their website or talk to their building experts by calling 1-800-345-4610.



About the Author:


Armstrong Steel, established in 2006, is your premier source for exceptional pre-engineered steel construction solutions. Specializing in manufacturing pre-engineered metal buildings, they offer durable, easy-to-assemble structures with versatile interior design options. Covering a wide range of building types such as commercial, residential, garage, workshop, religious, agriculture, industrial, aviation, and more. As the leading American manufacturer of steel buildings, Armstrong Steel provides versatile, custom-designed solutions for all your construction needs.




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