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When it comes to drug development and manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies rely on CROs and CDMOs to streamline the research process. After all, developing a new drug or drug variation is a highly regulated and lengthy process. Partnering with a CRO with pharmaceutical CDMO capabilities offers numerous benefits, including access to clinical equipment and facilities and the ability to help your business scale at a faster, more cost-effective rate. Now that partnerships are becoming the norm across the pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape, choosing the right CRO/CDMO partner requires a careful approach to ensure you find the right, most experienced option. Here are a few of the top factors you should look for when selecting a CRO/CDMO partner for your next drug development program.

A Wealth of Experience in Drug Development and Manufacturing

One of the most important considerations to make when choosing a CRO/CDMO is to search for a partner with a wealth of experience in drug development and manufacturing. Drug development and manufacturing are inherently complex, meaning you want a partner organization that can simplify the logistics and ensure a speedy and successful path to market. Likewise, you want a partner that operates with a fully integrated model from lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept (and beyond) and full-service solutions, including preclinical safety testing, bioanalysis, pharmacology, proof of concept, and clinical monitoring. Most importantly, you’ll want a CRO/CDMO that can help you make streamlined, more educated decisions at every stage of your drug’s development cycle.

A Proactive and Flexible Approach

Given the complexities of drug development and manufacturing,it’s also important to partner with a CRO/CDMO that offers a proactive and flexible approach. You need an organization that can anticipate your project’s needs from the very beginning. This helps mitigate potential risks, condense timelines, and provide cost savings across your entire drug development program. For instance, imagine the benefits of being able to plan the details of your clinical program while your preclinical safety assessment is still ongoing. Similarly, what if you could start first-in-human trials sooner by timing small-scale drug formulations with clinical conduct? While these are just a few examples, they showcase how a well-designed roadmap designed by the right CRO/CDMO can help you get to clinical proof of concept that much faster.

An Expansive Network of Modern and Efficient Clinical Facilities

The right CRO partner that offers CDMO pharma services should also have an expansive and strategically placed network of modern and efficient clinical facilities. This means you’ll want to find a CRO whose preclinical trial facilities are purpose-built and capable of conducting regulatory safety testing and research support services for both small and large molecules. Likewise, their clinical trial facilities should include Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical pharmacology units for healthy volunteers and patient population studies. From there, you’ll want to gauge their specialized assessment capabilities for driving simulation studies or studies related to human abuse potential.

A Reputation for Precise Bioanalytical Services

To echo the above, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re partnering with an organization that has a reputation for precise bioanalytical services across a wide range of study types. Again, experience is essential here. Whether it’s a stand-alone analysis of your samples or part of a package, the right CRO/CDMO should have facilities that include designated containment Level 2 areas for work with Risk Group 2 pathogens. As an added level of security, look for expertise in LC-MS/MS, ligand binding, microsampling, and gene therapy analysis. These various considerations ensure that you’re able to choose a CRO/CDMO partner that can accommodate all your bioanalytical or preclinical needs.

About Altasciences

As a mid-sized contract research organization, Altasciences understands all the intricacies of the complex drug development process. This CRO with pharmaceutical CDMO capabilities uses their proprietary communication database to quickly share data across teams, helping streamline your drug development program. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations rely on Altasciences’ integrated, innovative approach for preclinical studies, clinical trials, and manufacturing. When partnering with Altasciences, you gain the team’s expertise in various therapeutic indications and study types. These include first-in-human clinical trials and CNS clinical trials. This dynamic CRO/CDMO offers partners access to a wealth of resources, including Phase 1 clinical trial units with more than 580 beds, a recruiting database of more than 400,000 potential participants, and trained and experienced staff.

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