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Calgary is one of the fastest developing cities in Alberta. It is a progressive city with a lively business district downtown filled with opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs and prospecting business owners. So if you intend to build a startup through similar means, you should consider looking into legal counsel or small business contract lawyers, Calgary-based.

Small and large businesses benefit from having a lawyer help them understand government documents or create legally binding contracts. It is especially true for new and small businesses since you might not be familiar with the process but must protect your interests by putting agreements into writing. Read on to learn more about what small business contract lawyers do for clients.

What is a Small Business?
Generally, a small business has fewer employees and a smaller annual revenue than bigger corporations. The specific employee count or income level varies per industry and country, but the general definition remains the same. 

To start, you must know if your company fits into Calgary’s classification of small businesses to ensure you comply with the appropriate rules. To verify this, conduct your due diligence and inspect the maximum annual revenue that can be applied to your industry, your business type, and how many workers you can accommodate. If you find this challenging, you can consult with a lawyer to confirm this matter. 

What is a Business Contract?
Business contracts are legally binding documents made between two or more parties. They are agreements that can be used in courts of law to make the involved entities uphold their ends to the agreed terms and conditions written on the contract.

If you are a new business owner, you should be prepared to engage in the creation of many forms of business contracts. As you grow the business, you will likely find yourself drafting, editing, and finalizing many contracts with unique demands and legal implications. Examples of contracts you may encounter include the following:

● Service contracts
● Terms of service
● Employment and contractor agreements
● Partnership and unanimous shareholder agreements
● Commercial leases or rental agreements
● Joint venture agreements
● Purchase and sale agreements
● Licensing and distribution contracts
● Loan and security agreements

How Can Small Business Contract Lawyers Calgary Provide Assistance?
Small business contract lawyers, Calgary-based, are employed to handle your company’s legal documentation, particularly contracts, from conception to the end. Depending on your needs, they can assist you in creating different types of contracts to enforce agreements made with other commercial entities. 

If you are used to drafting your legal forms, you can still have your contract lawyer review your terms and conditions. In some cases, you might not know about specific legal jargon that should be included in the contract terms, so this is where a lawyer comes in. They can also certify if your document can hold its own when presented in court.

Lastly, a small business contract lawyer can help enforce your rights if an offending party breaches your contract. Your lawyer can quickly pinpoint what specific violations were committed and handle the paperwork to ensure the best outcome for your case.

Even small businesses have to go through different legal documents in Calgary. Whether to procure goods or render services, you will likely sign contracts with various parties to forward your business. So if you are unsure about the process of drawing contracts or want the peace of mind that everything goes smoothly, hiring a small business contract lawyer, Calgary-based, will be the way to go. 

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