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Beauty is something that will always attract you. To make yourself look beautiful is an eternal desire. The question is how can you do that without much effort? You can dress up with beautiful clothes, use cosmetics and wear nice pieces of jewelry. To look simple but attractive you can wear striking earrings that can change your personality.


Well, you know, that to wear earrings you need to pierce your ear which can be performed by both medical and non-medical professional ear piercers. The most common is the earlobe piercing, but the areas with cartilage in our ear are pierced as well. 


Do you know how these professional ear piercers use the one and two-needle techniques to pierce? 

In one needle technique, a hollow bore needle is inserted through the desired spot of the earring. The post of the earring stud then gets inserted through the hollow bore of the needle is withdrawn leaving the stud post in its place. The earring backing is placed thereafter, to protect the earring.

In the two-needle technique, a smaller needle is used to make a track in the desired area of the piercing. A larger hole needle is then slipped over the small needle in the opposite direction and the smaller needle is withdrawn. The post of the earring stud is then inserted through the hollow bore of the remaining larger needle. The large needle is then removed. The stud post remains in its place securing the earring backing.


It is always preferable to get your ear pierced by a reputed ear piercing professional. You might have a hard time finding a professional who does needle ear piercing. It might also cost you a little higher. But it says that needle ear piercing by an experienced professional is typically safer than any other piercing. 


Depending on which part of the ear you would like to pierce, it is always recommended to choose a professional with a needle or piercing gun. 



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