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Are you ready to embark on a colorful journey into the world of watercolors? Watercolor painting is an excellent choice if you're a budding artist, a seasoned pro looking to try something new, or simply seeking a creative outlet. In this beginner's guide, we'll dive into the fascinating world of watercolors, exploring techniques, art supplies Perth has to offer, and the best art stores Perth has in store for you.

Understanding Watercolors

Watercolor painting is a unique and captivating medium using pigments mixed with water. The transparency and fluidity of watercolors create a mesmerizing effect that's hard to replicate with other painting techniques. Watercolors offer endless possibilities, whether you're painting landscapes, portraits, or abstract compositions.

Gathering Your Art Supplies in Perth

Before you start your watercolor journey, you'll need to gather the necessary art supplies in Perth. The good news is that the city offers a wide range of art stores Perth artists can explore to find quality materials. Here's a list of essential supplies you'll need:

Watercolor Paints: Watercolors come in various forms, including tubes and pans. Beginners often find pans more convenient for their ease of use and portability. Look for a basic set of colors to get started.

Watercolor Brushes: Invest in a set of high-quality watercolor brushes. These brushes have soft bristles that hold water well and allow for delicate strokes. You'll want a variety of brush sizes for different effects.

Palette: A palette is essential for mixing your watercolors. You can choose a traditional palette or use a simple white ceramic plate.

Water Containers: You'll need two containers for clean water and another for rinsing your brushes.

Masking Tape or Fluid: Masking tape or masking fluid protects certain areas of your paper from the watercolor washes.

Paper Towels or Sponges: These are handy for blotting and creating texture in your paintings.

Pencil and Eraser: You'll use these to sketch your initial watercolor paper design.

Basic Watercolor Techniques

Now that you have your art supplies in Perth sorted, it's time to dive into some basic watercolor techniques:

Wet-on-Wet: Wet your paper with clean water using a brush. While the paper is still wet, apply watercolor paint. The colors will blend beautifully on the wet surface.

Dry Brush: Use a nearly dry brush to create texture and details. This technique is ideal for creating fine lines in tree branches or the texture of rocks.

Wet-on-Dry: Apply watercolor paint to dry paper. This technique allows for more precise control over your brushstrokes and is great for details.

Layering: Watercolors are transparent, which means you can build up layers of color by letting each layer dry before adding another. This is how you achieve depth and vibrancy in your paintings.

Creating Your First Watercolor Painting

Let's put these basic techniques to use and create your first watercolor painting—a simple landscape featuring a serene sunset over a tranquil lake.

Sketch Your Scene: Begin by lightly sketching the outline of your landscape on the watercolor paper using a pencil. Outline the lake, the distant mountains, and the setting sun.

Apply Masking Fluid: If you want to preserve the white areas of your paper, apply masking fluid using a small brush or an old brush; you don't mind getting ruined. Then start painting

Final Details: Once everything is dry, use a dry brush to add details like trees on the distant shore and ripples on the lake. You can also add birds in the sky with a fine brush.

Remove Masking Fluid: Carefully rub off the masking fluid with your fingers or an eraser.

Exploring Advanced Techniques and Art Stores Perth

As you become more comfortable with watercolors, you can explore advanced techniques such as glazing, splattering, and salt textures to add depth and interest to your paintings. Additionally, don't hesitate to visit various art stores Perth offers to expand your collection of watercolor paints, brushes, and other supplies.


Watercolor painting is a delightful and rewarding medium that allows you to express your creativity in vibrant and unexpected ways. Armed with the right art supplies in our art shop Perth and a basic understanding of watercolor techniques, you're ready to embark on a colorful journey of artistic expression.


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