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The Best Cat Scratchers For 2022

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Scratching is normal behavior in cats. It keeps their claws sharp and allows them to mark their territory, relieve stress, stretch their muscles, and exercise. However, you need to provide dedicated scratching areas for them, or they will damage your carpet, wallpaper, furniture, and other objects around the home. You can keep your cat healthy and happy by providing them with a modern cat scratcher.


Scratchers come in different forms and are made from materials such as corrugated cardboard and sisal rope. The best cat scratchers for 2022 are stylish and fun to add to your home because of their quirky and one-of-a-kind designs. You won’t even guess that some of them are made for cats because of how they look and function. Some offer space for hiding or sleeping, too. A few examples include the doughnut house, radio-style house, pizza slice house, tuna can house, and art-style houses.


What’s the best cat scratcher?


Cats won’t mind the design of the scratchers you’ll get for them. However, you may want to consider the material, size, design, and features.


modern cat scratcher must be developed and designed by top manufacturers specializing in cat-friendly accessories and products. Look for a corrugated cardboard scratcher which provides enough space for cats to scratch and stretch. Consider a product shaped like a shelter or a small, cozy cat house to give your feline a place to hide or rest.


If you have multiple cats, consider getting scratchers for each of them. Invest in rigid cat scratchers that can handle their size and weight. Choose a product that offers opportunities for cats to scratch horizontally or vertically.


Some of the best cat scratchers for 2022 don’t require assembly, and they’re ready to use, so your cat can enjoy them right away.


Your cat will love it.


The best cat scratchers are designed to attract your cat’s attention and distract them from scratching other objects in your home. They keep cats engaged for hours, too. Just make sure they’re made of high-quality materials and built for durability. High-quality corrugated cardboard scratchers can withstand constant gnawing and scratching, so they last longer. Consider placing a modern cat scratcher on a mat, so you can provide a dedicated space for your feline to stay cozy and warm.



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