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Perioral dermatitis is a fairly common condition that creates a red rash around the mouth that can include flakiness, dry skin, and even small inflamed bumps. It can be quite uncomfortable for those dealing with it, so it makes sense that people would try their best to reduce flare ups by using personal care products that are known to be more gentle on skin, particularly around the face and mouth.

Thankfully perioral dermatitis is not a permanent condition and can clear up over time with patience and care. You just have to take care of your skin in the meantime to allow it to heal up. To best support this process, you will want to use certain types of personal care products for perioral dermatitis that will allow you to keep up with your daily habits without struggling.

Although we may not think of it too often, many of our daily care products are full of harsh chemicals that are abrasive to the skin and can cause our bodies stress in response. It is particularly noticeable if you have sensitive skin or a condition. While your dermatitis clears up, you will want to check on all of your daily use products to make sure that they are full of safe, natural ingredients.

If you are unsure or do not trust the products you are currently using, we have a few recommendations of products for perioral dermatitis that are meant to be used on all skin types. These essential daily care products can help you to treat your skin well as it recovers from this condition.

David’s Toothpaste
One of the most important products to get your day started, you want to find a good toothpaste that is gentle on skin since the product will be directly making contact with the area surrounding your mouth. David’s Toothpaste tends to be a good option since it is made with natural ingredients and is designed to work for all kinds of people. Choose any flavor you like to get started.

Doctor Rogers Restore Lip Balm
The entire line of products by Doctor Rogers is intended to be suitable for people with all skin types. The founder is a professional dermatologist who is used to working with clients who have various skin concerns including perioral dermatitis. The brand was intended to give them gentle, soothing products that work.

This lip balm is a great example of that, so use it as needed to moisturize and replenish your lips.

Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream
For a simple skincare routine and a moisturizer you can use around your dermatitis, you can try the Purely Simple Face Cream by Osmia. It features very mild, hydrating ingredients that can soothe your inflamed skin. It is one of the best products for perioral dermatitis because of its gentle, calming properties.

Each of these essential personal care products can help you to keep up with your basic needs on any given day while you are on your road to recovering your skin. These are just some of our favorite products for perioral dermatitis from clean beauty brands, which are known for using safe, gentle, and effective ingredients.

You can find these and other products for those dealing with perioral dermatitis over at beauty-heroes.com.

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