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The Best Disc plough in Kenya:


If you are looking for an equipment-machinery and the best disc-plough in Kenya, you are at the accurate place! With hundreds of tractors obtainable at a point in time, you can come across a broad variety of equipment-machinery disc-plough on Malik Ago Industries. These tractors will be different in terms of colors, prices, and installed features. Our website is very user-friendly, which makes the procedure of finding, categorizing, and comparing the tractor prices and features seem so unproblematic.

There are two main sources of used equipment-machinery disc-plough for sale in Kenya: Japanese dealers in Kenya.

  • With Japanese dealer's stocks, the advantage is the equipment-machinery disc-plough price, while with the local owners' stocks you can enjoy the quick delivery and convenience. When you buy a car directly from a Japanese dealer, please make sure you know all the import regulations and the importing process, or at least have a professional agent to assist you.
  • When you buy an equipment-machinery disc-plough for sale in Kenya from a local dealer, we recommend you to inspect the car and document properly before you pay.

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Disc Plough for sale:


There are many remarkable advantages while using Disc Plough Implement which reliably mount to the agricultural tractors. It preferably uses for ploughing deep roots in soil infested, sticky, stony, and hard. Malik Ago Industries offers all kinds of tractor implements as well as disc plough at a very low price. Choose your desire to execute and we'll bring it to your country like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and other African countries.



  • 2 to 5 fixed plain discs
  • 26’’ (660 mm) or 28’’ (710 mm) discs
  • Individual or combined cutting angle adjustment of the discs
  • Adjustable disc angle for soil penetration
  • Furrow wheel adjustable and angular position
  • Height adjustable independent disc scrapers
  • Support stand for attachment
  • Adjustable discs and furrow wheel
  • High under beam clearance
  • Easy and quick attachment to all rear linkages
  • Scrapers with the disc  as standard

Disc ploughs or disc cultivation:


Disc ploughs or disc cultivation is the professional means of revolving the soil owed to the rolling execution of the discs. While the tractor is pulling in an onward motion. Discs are turning in, folding the soil over giving the best results.

What is significant To Look For When either purchasing or allowing for A Disc Plough?

Build quality is primary and leading. Also, Particularly quality in the bearing system. Frequently the performance and dependability of the disc are in the bearings. The ‘bearing to disc’ ratio is one of the keys to durability and dependability as the more bearings on a disc plough, the more dependable the plough will be. More bearings mean less load going through every one of them and less wear on individual ones.

In many, non-Grizzly disc ploughs; you will come across an arbour bolt bearing system. These systems are far less dependable than the system Grizzly uses. The Grizzly system uses a stationary axle and four or six bolts holding the assembly together (depending on the model). The reimbursement of this is that bearings are always allied, and there is a very little winding load put on the axle. This keeps the Grizzly bearings and axles always organization true, in turn giving a far better-operating life. While , Other systems can be hard to line up and cut out bearings simply and very hard to modify bearings when they do fail.

Agricultural Plough:


Malik Agro Industries Plough consisting Of the finest Quality Two Carbon Steel Boron Disc Blades fond of the One Axle, Which Is Used for speedy, superficial ploughing. It Allows Ploughing to be proficient To Either Side. Although, The Disc Plough Is Removable, Turning To The accurate For One Furrow. Then Being Moved to the Other Side of the Plough to revolve to the Left (The Coulter and Ploughshare Are preset). In this method, contiguous Furrows Can Be ploughed in conflicting directions. Allowing Ploughing to keep on continually Along with The Field and Thus Avoiding the edge and Furrow landscape.



  • It is appropriate For Ploughing in Dry Crusty Soil, Rough Ground, and Or Sticky Gumbo.
  • Superior Quality Carbon Steel And Longer Lasting Boron Discs Used.
  • Square Angle Frame And Sharp Edged Discs Give Penetration Range Of 10″-12”.
  • Highly Reliable and Requires Less preservation.



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