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Exercise and periods—a match made in heaven, right? If you’re thinking, “Absolutely, I can’t go a day without exercise,” then that’s awesome. But if you’re thinking, “That’s a joke, right?” you’re not alone.

Exercise and periods have an interesting relationship. On the one hand, exercise can help relieve uncomfortable period symptoms like cramping. On the other hand, leaving the house on your period feels like enough work. If you enjoy a little exercise during your period or want to give it a shot, try the following forms of gentle movement.


Walking is a great way to get into the flow of moving your body. It’s low-intensity, low-impact, and can still increase heart rate. You could walk a lot without feeling fatigued or pushing your body too far. If you are going for a walk during your period, use period care products that don’t leave you concerned about leaks. Modern, reusable options like period cups and leakproof period underwear are great for exercising on your period.

Yoga and Stretching

Many people gravitate toward yoga, pilates, or stretching during the first part of their cycle. You can focus on your breathing and the benefits of exercise. You might notice that the breathwork engages different muscles, including vaginal muscles. If you’re concerned about period care products being unsealed or shifting during movement, wear a menstrual cup and leakproof panties with light to moderate absorption for your yoga session.


Swimming is another low-impact exercise for the first part of your cycle. This form of movement is the perfect gentle yet effective workout. However, you do have to be careful about which period products you use. If you’ve tried swimming with a tampon in before, you know if it can feel weird because tampons can absorb the water—and don’t even think about wearing a pad. A menstrual cup makes this exercise more doable at this stage of your cycle. It’s ideal for swimming because it forms a seal between the cup and your vaginal wall to keep water out while collecting your flow.

What to Avoid

Modern period care products could stand up to high-intensity workouts, but your body might not be up for them. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid HIIT workouts, high-impact workouts, or anything that will push your body too far at this time. Save these workouts for later in the follicular stage, closer to ovulation. You might notice more discharge at that time, so keep your leakproof panties ready so you stay dry and comfortable during intense workouts.

One of the most important things to remember when you’re working out on your period is that you have to listen to your body. It may be time to rest if a workout is painful or becomes uncomfortable. The other thing to remember is that the period care products you use matter. You won’t feel as comfortable during a workout if you’re worried about a leaking tampon or a wet pad. So, opt for modern period care products like period cups and leakproof panties. They’ll help keep you leak-free and comfortable regardless of how you move your body.

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