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One of the best reasons to go to the gym is to train for arms that make you want to wear your favorite weightlifting clothing all day long. These are the kind of arms that make you stop in front of a mirror slightly longer than usual just to appreciate your hard work. They’re arms that help you get further in your weightlifting journey and inspire confidence. There are plenty of ways to do this outside of the usual bicep curls and bench press. Here are six exercises that can transform your upper body training day.


If you’re looking to get the muscles in your arms burning, 21s are the way to go. These are a surefire way to increase your lifting strength and build arms that look amazing in your bodybuilder clothing. 21s are dumbbell curls divided into three steps. First, do seven reps where you curl the dumbbell from the lowest position to halfway. Then, do seven reps from halfway to the top of the motion. Do a final seven full curl reps. When you finish, you have 21 reps and arms that feel like they’re on fire.

EZ Bar Floor Skullcrushers

This lift will help you build up your triceps in no time. Lay on the ground with an EZ curl bar straight above your head. Slowly lower it until the bar rests on the floor just above your head. Raise it back up, and you’ve done one complete Skullcrusher rep. Before you know it, your triceps can gain some serious size.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls with an Arm Blaster

If you take your bodybuilding regimen seriously, you’ve probably come across an arm blaster. This classic weightlifting tool helps lock your arms in place and isolate your biceps for a concentrated workout. When you’re doing curls, it is vital to keep your arms and elbows from swaying. The arm blaster can help you do this. Now, do your regular sets of hammer curls—an alternate form of curls where you lift dumbbells with a neutral grip—and focus on building your arms.

Cable Tricep Pushdown

Isolating specific muscles is one of the best ways to get your arms built the way you want. Cable tricep pushdowns focus on building your triceps one at a time. You can balance strength inequalities on either side and work your triceps to even them out. To do these, face the cable machine with the pulley at its highest setting. Grab the handle with an underhand grip, stand straight, and push your arm straight down. Repeat this process for 10-12 reps and 3-4 sets for maximum gains.

Double Overhead Cable Curls

An overhead cable curl provides an excellent workout for beginners and experts alike. You stand between two cable machines and hold the handles roughly at shoulder height. Then, you simultaneously curl them both in at the same time. This is an effective way to train both of your biceps at the same time and is also perfect for a medium to high rep load.

Dips and Bench Dips

Sometimes, you want to add some supplemental training to your typical weighted lifts. With dips and bench dips, you only need a pair of bars or a sturdy bench to perform this arm-blasting exercise. At the gym, find some dip bars just wider than your hips, or you can use a lifting bench for the other variations of dips. On the bars, grab them with your hands at about hip height, and then use your arms to slowly lower yourself until your arms are roughly at a 90-degree angle. Then, push yourself back up to the starting position.

On a lifting bench or something else like a park bench, sit with your back facing the bench. Then, position your arms behind you, palms face down on the bench, and push your body up with a movement similar to the bar dips. These are excellent supplemental exercises if you’re looking to create an arm workout that can get you shredded. Put all these exercises together, do them consistently, and eventually, you’ll have the arms of your dreams.

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