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It is difficult to describe the best Kona coffees. If you have never tasted coffee made from Kona beans, then the term best Kona coffees may mean nothing to you. However, it may mean everything to a lover of coffee. The best Kona coffees are truly the result of an exceptional soil, rich fertile fields, and expert cultivation. If you want to taste the best Kona Coffee you must experience them yourself.

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Most people think that Arabica coffees are best for coffee, but there are two types of coffee that should be included in the best Kona coffee’s list. The first one is hualalai. Hawaii has an impressive coffee culture and the best Arabica coffees come from this country. While hualalai may not be as robust as arabica, it is much more delicate and sweet. Hawaii has a lush landscape, beautiful beaches, and abundant natural resources, so its soil is particularly suitable for growing hualalai. It is also known for having less acidity than arabica, which makes it even more preferable for health-conscious coffee drinkers.

The second coffee is kelp. Kelp comes from the fertile slopes surrounding Pearl Harbor on Oahu. Unlike arabica, which can grow anywhere, kelp is indigenous to the Oahu area and is cultivated all year around. As far as flavor goes, many tasters find that kelp has a subtle, delicate taste, best suited to lighter coffee beans and floral notes. In particular fresh water lilies are very popular in Hawaii, so if you taste this key feature of this incredible coffee beans, it will probably be delicious.

When looking for Kona coffees, one thing to look for is the moisture content. Moisture content refers to how much water is contained within the coffee. If the moisture content is too high (wet), it will result in a bitter taste. Many fancy coffee shops and discerning retailers will grade the coffee according to its moisture content.

Another characteristic to look for is how the coffee is graded. Extra light and extra dark are two categories that are often separated by an additional grade, but the best Kona coffees  do fall into at least two categories, regardless of how they’re graded. High grade Extra Dark will have more of an intense coffee experience with more of a smoky taste from the roasting process, while low grade Extra Dark will likely have a more subtle natural sweetness from the argan oil and milk used to prepare the coffee. You’ll also find Kona coming in various grades, including single, medium, and full.

Finally, one way to get the best quality and taste out of your fresh coffee is to store it properly. After roasting, the beans will need to be kept warm and cold for just as long. You want to keep them in a dark, cool place and not expose them to direct sunlight or excessive heat, which will affect their taste. Keep them stored in a shelf or container with a tight fitting lid so that light and air don’t have a chance to ruin them.

When buying or selecting a Kona coffee, you have many ways to determine the quality of each bean. You can buy loose leaf or ground coffee, sample different types, or even get an idea of the roast by paying attention to the aroma and taste of the final cup. However, if you want to ensure you’re getting the best Kona coffee, you should know what to look for. These five key features will help you separate the pretenders from the real thing. And believe it or not, they’re not that difficult to spot. If you want to make the best coffee, keep these things in mind.


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