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A TCP Offload Engine (TOE) is a hardware and/or software implementation that improves the efficiency of TCP/IP processing by offloading some or all of the tasks from the main processor to a dedicated processor or logic core. A TOE can be a stand-alone device or integrated into another network device, such as a network adapter, server, or storage system. A TOE can offload the TCP/IP processing for a specific connection or all connections on a network interface. TOE products are available for a variety of applications and platforms, including enterprise and data center servers, high-performance computing, storage, and networking.

Intilop Corporation is the leading provider of TCP Offload Engine (TOE) products and solutions. The company's TOE products provide the best performance and most efficient TCP offload Core available on the market today. Our TOE solutions are based on an FPGA platform and offer the highest level of flexibility and scalability. The company's products are used by major telecommunications carriers, service providers, and enterprises worldwide.

Our TCP Offload Engine products are the only ones that offer TCP Offload in FPGA devices. This unique feature allows the company's products to be easily integrated into customers’ existing systems. A TOE typically consists of a TCP/IP offload core, which is a dedicated processor, or logic core that offloads the TCP/IP processing, and a software driver that interfaces with the TCP/IP stack. The software driver manages the data transfer between the offload core and the TCP/IP stack.

A TOE can improve the performance of a network connection by reducing the load on the main processor, freeing up resources for other tasks. It can also improve the efficiency of TCP/IP processing by reducing the number of CPU cycles required for the processing of each packet.

If you’re interested in learning more about our TCP Offload Engine products, please visit our website or contact us today at 408-791-6700. We would be happy to provide you with more information about how our solutions can help improve the performance of your network.


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