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The Best Seafood Delicacies to Find on the Southern Coast of Italy

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Italy may be widely known for its sweet and savory cheeses and rich wines, but these aren’t the only things Italian cuisine has to offer. After all, the boot-shaped country is surrounded by vast waters, giving access to a diverse marine habitat and seafood. Italy’s southern coast is the best source of delicious delicacies from the sea, and you can't go home without tasting at least one dish!

The best seafood delicacies to try on your trip to Italy’s southern coast

  • Acciuga

Don’t let this unfamiliar word intimidate you. Acciuga is simply Italian for anchovies. These little fish can be found almost everywhere in Southern Italy, with each region having its own unique way of preparation.

For instance, locals on the Amalfi Coast love to serve Alici di Cetera, named after a quaint town hidden along the coastline. This classic Southern Italian dish is prepared often as a starter, featuring marinated or fried anchovies and luscious red tomatoes.

  • Branzino

Are you craving a more filling meal? Branzino, or European seabass, will keep you energized for the rest of your tour! This widely loved fish is usually made whole, perfect for families and large groups.

You even find restaurants offering pan-seared branzino, a crispy and crunchy dish with tomatoes and capers.

  • Calamaro

You’ve most likely tried calamari in the past, and the Italian calamaro is no different. These fried squid rings come with a Southern Italian twist, often served with other fried sea food or as a salad.

  • PesceSpada

Feeling a little adventurous? Swordfish may not be something you eat, but there's a reason Italians love it.PesceSpada is so famous in Southern Italy that the locals find new ways to incorporate them into dishes, including dessert!

What’s lovely about swordfish is that its flavor is very versatile, and you can pair it with everything from grilled steaks to candied lemons.

  • Tonno

Everybody loves a good piece of bluefin tuna. But instead of eating it fresh, Italians love to make canned tuna out of the big fish. This makes tonno the perfect souvenir for your friends and family back home, completely soaked in oil for a rich and refined taste.

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