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It’s not that bad to keep your smartphone easily available in the car for navigation purposes or in case of any emergencies. Though it’s generally illegal to use your phone or grab your phone in your hand while driving, we don’t need to mention that it is highly risky. Fortunately for everyone, there’s a simple way to keep us safe while having our devices close to our hands. We are going to mention some of the best phone holders for your car in 2021. You can bring them on your forthcoming road trip.

Getting the Correct Phone Holder for Your Requirements

Every car phone holder shares a common goal, but they hit the bottom line in many different ways. So, before you go out and get yourself the very first one you see, there are some things that you’ll need to consider.

For beginners, you’ll need to understand how your phone joins to the mount automatically. Several car phone holders depend on magnets to maintain your phone in one place, which obviously means that you’ll require a reliable phone case for great results. You generally have to put a tiny magnetic pad inside the mobile case to maintain the strength of the bond. The disadvantage of such a bump is that you may lack control as compared to control over your phone’s portrait or landscape orientation.

1.  Belkin Universal Vent Mount

The Universal vent mount is currently our most favorite car phone holder as it provides a bit of everything. The vent mount brings a convenient design to the table, and it inserts right into the car’s air conditioning vents. The simplex design includes a hidden durable construction. The arms of this car phone holder are made from aluminum rather than the more favorite plastic approach.

However, the Belkin universal vent mount isn’t inexpensive at $24.99, but it’s valuable for the money without a single doubt. It contains construction quality and convenience way beyond most competitors. But the major question comes down to your car. If your car is not spacious enough or has deep air conditioning vents, you may face difficulty keeping the mount in place. Also, the mount may even pull away from the vent automatically, based on how bulky your phone is.

2.  Aukey Magnetic Mount

The company has had an easeless year since it got removed from Amazon, but its magnetic car phone holder mount still holds the place in the list of one of our favorites. The magnetic mount is a little larger than the Belkin alternative, but it is way more flexible. After you join the suction cup to the dashboard or windshield, you can simply adjust the curved arm for a great view. If you’re planning to go on a road trip to a new place, you may wish it for center and front.  But if you’re just going to buy some groceries, you can just put it out of the way.

We had tested this mount and felt that the design of the magnetic mount is the best solution to freeing up the dashboard location. However, it’s not the most different car phone holder. You and the passengers are sure to observe the big arm sitting right in front of you, but it’s not an unappealing car accessory.

For now, this magnetic mount will set you back just $25.99, and you’ll need to go directly to the source to pick it up.

3.  Nite Ize Steelie Dash Mount

The Steelie Dash Mount is a nice option for phone owners who need an outstanding car mount. Congruent with closely any kind of smartphone, including Samsung’s, Apple’s, and Google’s Pixel series. This 3M-based adhesive magnetic link safeguards straight to the smartphone or a solid case. The joint socket then links to the dash mount, which is also outfitted with a 3M adhesive that can securely adhere to any flat or vertical dashboard.

After the steel ball gets linked to the smartphone, the mount enables your device to rotate quickly from portrait to landscape mode or anywhere in between to explore the most compatible viewing angle for you. It contains a neodymium magnet, which gives a solid grip, so you don’t need to worry about this mount segregating at any point while driving on a bumpy road.

4.  TechMatte Mag Grip

Linking straight to your car’s air conditioning vent, the TechMatte Mag Grip car mount is the perfect solution that remains highly functional. Supported by neodymium magnets, the Mag Grip differs from other magnetic car phone holders that use more advanced magnets. It is able to hold most phones like Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Google devices.

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