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You never want to get tired of eating your favorite cookies. Whether you love their flavor or texture, you want to continue enjoying your favorite things. While it’s pretty difficult to get over your favorite cookie, there’s no harm in rotating through a variety of different cookies to keep things interesting.

Start with Your Go-To Chewy Cookies

Start your cookie rotation with your favorite chewy cookie. You know it’s a good cookie, so it’s a great place to start. If you don’t have a favorite chewy cookie, try chocolate chip coconut cookies or dark cacao coconut cookies. The best will contain wholesome ingredients you can feel good about eating while being delicious and gluten-free. Still, they’re cookies, so they’re the perfect thing for a sweet tooth.

Swap in Heartier Cookie Protein Bar

Eventually, you’ll want to switch things up. Strategize when to make the switch to align with something on the calendar, like a hike or a camping trip. You can swap in a recipe using peanut butter coconut cookies that feels heartier, like a peanut butter protein bar. Protein bars can be the perfect cookie-based snack when you want to fuel a trailblazing adventure—or even just a trip to the park.

Snack on Some Crunchy Cookie Granola

After enjoying two variations of chewy cookies, it will be time to explore some different textures. You don’t have to pick up conventional crispy cookies for your cookie snack to qualify. Try crunchy granola with cookies in the recipe with a main ingredient like coconut. It’s a more filling, heartier take on cookies that still offers a satisfying crunch.

Shift to Crispy Brownie Snap Cookies

Want to think outside the cookie jar? Try a brownie! At least give snackable brownie snaps a chance. They’re an ideal little dessert after lunch or dinner and make a good snack between meals. Plus, you can share a bag of brownie snaps with those who are not as big of a coconut lover as you.

Start Anew with Your OG Favorites

After going through all the delicious cookies you can think of—or maybe just the cookies and treats from your favorite snack brand—you can circle back to your favorite, like those coconut cookies chocolate chip flavor! It might be the chewy cookie you started with, or perhaps you found a new favorite along the way. Either way, make sure to get out of your cookie comfort zone from time to time to explore new flavors and keep the rotation going.

A cookie rotation allows you to eat all the cookies. Call it diversifying your palette if you want to make it sound more elevated. Diversity is the key to a well-balanced flavor palette, which you could apply to many other areas of life. For now, you can start with your cookies. Whether you like to enjoy a single dark cacao cookie or brownie snap, or you’re more interested in eating your favorite bag of chocolate chip coconut cookies, make sure you have all the options available, so you can rotate through a cookie selection whenever it feels right.

About Emmy’s Organics

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