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The next uh hopefully not so many years canada just completely scheduled it um and that was done uh uh a few weeks ago and uh what are we at right now we are um november fourth so within the last uh couple weeks i believe november 4th of 2018 that's the day i'm recording this um so the other thing is that you're you have buy terpenes synergy of multiple cannabinoids and other phytochemicals uh that are going to be in the cannabis plant that you're not going to have in these isolated extracts that that you're going to be uh getting from excuse me the isolated pharmaceuticals that you're going to be getting from for example marinol buy terpenes or napoleon for example those are again delta 9 dhc only made in the lab.

Natural Lava Pumice Sone

 And then the other issue is marinol is not cheap it's quite expensive in fact so uh the higher dose pill here is a 10 milligram pill 30 of them um retail price is around 2 000 and you can see here that this one cartridge which is a one-to-one almost extract cartridge for a buy terpenes pen is around fifty dollars so somebody's using this for weight loss poor appetite or chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting typically somebody would might go through one of these per week one every other week or so so for fifty dollars that's really not bad if you're looking at the the um marinol it's dosed for example one tablet twice a day for appetite suppression so you've got basically for example here you'd have 15 days as two thousand dollars or chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting a lot a lot greater amount so one tablet four to six times a day so imagine how quickly you would go through two thousand dollars worth of marijuana so what effects is is uh are the cannabinoids gonna have on you well that's going to depend on many different factors your genetics believe.

AMAZING ways to use a Pumice Stone

 It or not your personality has an effect even your mood at the time in which you're using the cannabinoid uh other medical conditions we call that comorbid conditions that you may have and other medicines you might be taking the pharmacokinetic variations the cannabinoid concentrations that are in the product the route of administration etc so all of these factors and many others are going to vary that are going to lead to differing uh effects on you from the cannabinoids this is um these main bullet points here are the same unknowns that we have for pretty much every uh indication that we will talk about in terms of whether or not a particular dose needs to be used what frequency of of use should we do for the cannabis True Terpenes  administration what's the concentration of the different cannabinoids you know we're talking about again the ratios of buy terpenes to thc or even just the frank amounts of each of those in the product what is the best route of administration what are the potential long-term effects and then in comparison to other pharmaceutical therapies


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