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I talked to my girlfriend this week and she mentioned the Charlotte effect. Charlotte effect? It is mentioned in His secret obsession book that it comes from Sex and the City, which always seemed more annoying and empty to me than anything else, but somehow he also had some good moments – one was the Charlotte effect, where the wife would be such a used wife. What you forget is a loved and cheerful, sexy person you can be with. Yes, believe it or not, it really happens.

This is commonly referred to as “boredom.” It also affects men. Boredom comes quickly if we leave … Most do. In vain I watch my friends meet and meet, I watch other friends marry and divorce, and others who seem to have just given up, their despair and alienation, emotionally beaten – the latter group includes the “lonely” and the “engaged” they are bored, numb, and unable to help; which affects their partners and the world around them equally; 

so in the end they have little or no sex and their sex (especially if they are married) feels incest because their husbands look more like siblings than anything else, and this happens when the light goes out, without foreplay and rarely because if there is no incest, it is strange to feel sex with her brother who became her husband. So what can we do? 

In fact, it’s very simple, and I give the same message I give most of the time – don’t teach kids a bunch of bulls, don’t pretend your relationship is okay as long as you have the bad energy that comes between them. and her husband. stop inventing impossible and impractical tales that have no other purpose than to harass your children as they grow up. 

In principle, stop lying. Or you have to make an effort to love your partners again – you once loved him, so work on getting him back through compromises, sensitivity and effort. If you’ve never loved them, be honest and take a clean, respectful break in your marriage lies, or find a way to do extracurricular activities while maintaining the children’s household. Just be honest and sincere about it. 

Children do not need to know everything, but they should not be misled by false aspirations. According to His secret obsession it’s not too late for us adults who have fallen victim to these stories, who are still influenced by their messages, who are still looking for “the same”, who still can’t find our other half, who fantasize about being “forever happy,” who are never no one found it without strict reality checks, and that in this case he was not “forever happy” but “ultimately good”. 

If we teach the truth, live the truth, accept the truth, and realize the truth, we have a chance to find a realistic relationship that will be lasting; and then we learn that any long-term relationship requires effort, both spiritual, practical, and sexual; for I am sure that among you who read this His secret obsession book, few will have sex with your couples, but it would be awful to know that they had an affair. Does that make sense? 

Me too, but that’s the reaction of most people about his secret obsession customer support. I think it is completely unnatural that we were born in childhood, and the jealousy that results from it acts as a “document of ownership” of people who no longer have the right to own it, not that we ever have it. .


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