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The best strategy for targeting niche markets is firstly to immerse yourselves DNAScalper Review  in them. Take the time to find out where these people hang out online and what they do. Are there blogs that most people in this niche read? Are there discussion forums where they meet? If so, this is golden. Find out what sorts of questions are being asked repeatedly, which show you potential for selling a product that fills that niche.

Perhaps consider actually contacting the owners of some of the popular blogs and websites in your niche to see if you can speak to them. Find out what questions *they* keep getting asked. Find out about he language they use. Analyze why their particular sites are so popular, as opposed to any other. Is it simply that there is the only website on the topic, so people have no choice.

Lastly, putting together your own website or blog, featuring high quality content that can attract visitors from the search engines tends to work well. In tight niches there are so few competitors that it can be relatively easy to generate top search engine results without really knowing what you're doing.The problem with looking for niche marketing examples is that whilst there are literally millions of potential niches, only a small percentage are actually profitable. And many of those are so small that they can only service a small number of businesses.



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