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The wing risers are the best installations for certain costs on the car and what I'm doing to it and for me, that's an excuse. The running costs first things first the first cost actually encountered was a modification and haven't unboxed the mod in two months. Now it bought it a month before even got the car yeah a month so I have had it for about two months since two months and two weeks now. So about 10 weeks and it's just been sitting downstairs so let's get unboxing the modification and then let's hop in the car and go for a drive where I'll run through the main running costs of the car. So here we are the rev wing risers I mean look at this packaging the box it's pretty awesome to be fair. So let's open this it's well packaged comes with an installation guide let's have a look.  I have seen this before. So many but pretty awesome to see this in person that shouldn't be too hard we've got the guide we've got tools right. Two like to be the risers so this must be the part that holds the riser up left this is the right riser left as well. We have got some wrap and wrong way around installation guide okay it's pretty cool so let's have a look at what we've got got the risers. The left right-wing risers and tools let's just have a look at all of these prizes let's see if we can get it open with one hand and here we are this is what they look like pretty awesome so much bigger than.

Wing Riser Explanation and Rundown 

The actual stock ones on the car but yeah these will be pretty cool fitting. These actually let's jump outside and see how much bigger they look just comparing them so here we are just out by the car it's gonna be pretty hard. To tell because I can't really get this under but you can kind of see the difference fast wing risers here in the sizes it's gonna raise the wing by about three inches and it's just going to look much more like a gt model they should have come higher in my opinion. Anyway from the factory just gives it so much better of a stance and look but yeah look out for that coming soon when I'll get some more work done on this car okay so getting onto running costs the biggest one the first one insurance you have to have it and how much does it cost well in comparison my m3 the insurance was about 13.50 1350 pounds uh super expensive but with the number of BMWs that.


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