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The Bhagavad Gita Audio In English

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The essence teachings of the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam is to live a family life centered around devotional service to Lord Krishna or any of His incarnations. Arjuna was a family man before and after hearing the Bhagavad-Gita. Service to others is very important and is devotional service unto God.

Hearing this, Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, “My dear Vallabha Bhatta, you do not know religious principles. Actually, the first duty of a chaste woman is to carry out the order of her husband. (CC Antya 7.106)

A husband is the supreme demigod for a woman. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vasudeva, the husband of the goddess of fortune, is situated in everyone’s heart and is worshiped through the various names and forms of the demigods by fruitive workers. Similarly, a husband represents the Lord as the object of worship for a woman. (SB 6.18-33-34)

To render service to the husband, to be always favorably disposed toward the husband, to be equally well disposed toward the husband’s relatives and friends, and to follow the vows of the husband — these are the four principles to be followed by women described as chaste. (SB 7.11.25)

Without my husband, I cannot live for a moment. If you want to eat my husband, it would be better to eat me first, for without my husband I am as good as a dead body. (SB 9.9.32)

My dear wife, whose body is so beautiful, your waist being thin, a conscientious wife should be chaste and should abide by the orders of her husband. She should very devoutly worship her husband as a representative of Vasudeva. (SB 6.18.35)

Accepting her husband as the representative of the Supreme Person, a wife should worship him with unalloyed devotion by offering him prasada. The husband, being very pleased with his wife, should engage himself in the affairs of his family. (SB 6.19.17)

Between the husband and wife, one person is sufficient to execute this devotional service. Because of their good relationship, both of them will enjoy the result. Therefore if the wife is unable to execute this process, the husband should carefully do so, and the faithful wife will share the result. (SB 6.19.18)

Always thinking of Me as being situated within the body of your husband, Kasyapa, go worship your husband, who has been purified by his austerity. (SB 8.17.19)

O Maharaja Parikṣit, by observing their husband progressing in spiritual existence, Saubhari Muni’s wives were also able to enter the spiritual world by his spiritual power, just as the flames of a fire cease when the fire is extinguished. (SB 9.6.55)

Thus a woman should be a faithful servant of her husband, and if the husband is spiritually advanced, the woman will automatically get the opportunity to enter the spiritual world. (Purport SB 9.6.55)

O Vidura, Devahuti served her husband with intimacy and great respect, with control of the senses, with love and with sweet words. (SB 3.23.2)

The daughter of King Vidarbha accepted her husband all in all as the Supreme. She gave up all sensual enjoyment and in complete renunciation followed the principles of her husband, who was so advanced. Thus she remained engaged in his service. (SB 4.28.43)

For a woman the first principle of religion is to be faithful to her husband. (Purport SB 3.23.8)

The highest religious duty for a woman is to sincerely serve her husband, behave well toward her husband’s family and take good care of her children. (SB 10.29.24)

Women who desire a good destination in the next life should never abandon a husband who has not fallen from his religious standards, even if he is obnoxious, unfortunate, old, unintelligent, sickly or poor. (SB 10.29.25)

Maitreya continued: After the departure of her parents, the chaste woman Devahuti, who could understand the desires of her husband, served him constantly with great love, as Bhavani, the wife of Lord Siva, serves her husband. (SB 3.23.1)

The Bhagavad Gita Audio In English

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