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At this moment, the demons attack, he suddenly found himself on the earth that ignorant otaku, no ability, no power in his hands, very helpless to face the boring life. Thousands of lives that died in his hands turned into ghosts at this moment, but he had no power to resist, his body was torn, flesh and blood were eaten, the unbearable pain was magnified infinitely in his mind, he seemed to be able to feel that even the soul was burned by the fire of hell.. The loss of strength felt very desperate, facing the attack of fierce ghosts all over the sky, he felt powerless, and the fear that he had not seen for a long time came again. No, I am no longer that useless otaku, I have power, I am a new Han Shuo, even without a trace of power, I do not want to continue to face everything passively! Drinking in his heart, losing his strength, he began to frantically tear the ghosts with his hands, hit them with his teeth,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, hit them with his body, and deal with them in the most primitive and barbaric way. He became crazier than anyone else, more like a ghost than those ghosts. Gradually, Han Shuo suddenly found that the ghosts who were entangled began to fear him, and the lost power was slowly returning. I do not know how long, fell into a wonderful state of Han Shuo suddenly woke up, dazzling light directly on his body, these strong light is not like just a huge lethal light, but warm and comfortable,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, there is no threat. The surroundings seemed to be silent all of a sudden, without any sound, looking up at the sky, the sky was clear, without all kinds of terrible forces ready to go, without the dark clouds on the top, without the dense thunder and lightning in the sky.. Looking around, Han Shuo found himself on the top of Tianshen Peak, which was almost razed to the ground, surrounded by dead bodies. Not far away, Salas looked at him with complicated eyes, as if hesitating to rush over now. “Salas, we'll see each other again!” With a gentle smile on his face, Han Shuo said this to Salas, and a fog of blood wrapped him up, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and with a flash of blood, he disappeared from his original place. Volume V Chapter 862 fame. This kind of thing happened again, has been hesitating to start looking at Han Shuo and the original small skeleton Han Hao disappeared in an instant, burning with anger. In order to deal with Han Shuo, Salas will absorb the power of the soul of several plane believers, with this method of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs in a short time, now Han Shuo fled at the most critical moment, his believers are dead. When Han Hao escaped from his hands, Salas was extremely unhappy, but he was not as angry and depressed as this time. After all, Han Hao's strength was limited, and even if he escaped, there was no possibility of threatening him. But Han Shuo was different. He not only killed many of his men on Tianshen Peak, but also almost destroyed the whole Tianshen Peak. Most importantly, Salas felt a strong threat from Han Shuo! From Salas's point of view, as long as Han Shuo does not die, the next time we meet, we may no longer be able to hold Han Shuo. A person who can turn the whole chaotic place upside down must not live too long! Looking at the devastated Tianshen Peak, Salas's anger rose to the sky, and the bodies of his most trusted men were scattered on the ground at the foot of the mountain, but they were affected by an unprecedented wave of attacks, with heavy casualties. Only in this way, his strength in the chaotic land of Salas has been sharply reduced, far less than the power in the hands of the other four monarchs. With his eyes shining fiercely, Salas thought carefully with a sullen face. He summoned his men who had been lucky enough to escape and said, “Search for this man at all costs!”! I want to know everything about him! Wherever he's hiding, find him and tell me! This man must die! Salas knew in his heart that if Han Shuo did not die, he would become a major threat to him. After ordering his men, Salas hesitated for a moment and decided to talk to the other monarchs about it. From Salas's point of view, the other monarchs certainly do not want a new spoiler to appear in the chaotic place. Han Shuo may ignore it without threatening the other monarchs, but when the existence of Han Shuo will damage the existing interests of the five monarchs, presumably the other princes will also intervene in this matter. Salas, make up your mind. Then he looked around and saw the tragic scene of Tianshen Peak. Then it turned into a flash of lightning and disappeared in the distance. In a quagmire thousands of miles away from Tianshen Peak. Han Shuo is weak all over. The whole person shrank in the depths of the weedy mire. A demon robbery consumed the strength of his body 7788. The demon body was already damaged by the blast. Under the attack of Demon Plunder and the application of the last blood escape. He was wounded on top of his wounds. Not only is he weak. The spirit is also depressed. Slowly melt your whole body into the mire. Han Shuo managed to shrink into the bottom of the quagmire little by little. Hide the divine consciousness. The whole person and the quagmire merge into one. The new understanding is constantly emerging in the divine consciousness. A wonderful rune imprints into my mind. Let Han Shuo understand that his mood really broke through. In the magic body, although the magic force is extremely weak, but it seems to have undergone earth-shaking changes, that trace of weak magic force is extremely tenacious, the spark ignited the body, every time the magic force struggled to circulate in the body, it is stronger, and his seriously injured magic body also repaired some wounds.. Let go of the mind, forget oneself, at the bottom of this quagmire, Han Shuo does not think about any troubles, God is empty, in this wonderful realm to restore their own. …… “What, what?” In the underground palace, Ossoe, one of the five monarchs, looked surprised. My Lord, the peak of the gods is being rebuilt. It is said that Salas has suffered heavy losses. Five or six hundred of his men have died. Among them,304 Stainless Steel Bar, there are more than a dozen superior gods! In front of Osoe, Luolong said respectfully with a straight face. The underground palace is located in a mountain range not far from the deep valley in the center of the land of chaos. It is the private palace of Ossoe, who practices the profound meaning of the power of the earth. There are Ossoe's trusted subordinates in it. Luo Long rushed here to meet Ossoe as soon as he received the news and reported to him the great event that happened in Tianshen Peak. sxthsteel.com



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