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Accounting in London, much like everywhere else in the world, is beyond crunching numbers and using an excel sheet. Interestingly, most people think this is all there is to the everyday operations of accounting gurus worldwide. Far from this, there are several intricate elements embedded in the accounting world. One thing for sure is it is a numbers game. Right from the start of work till the close of the accounting day, it is all about the numbers. For many accounting professionals, understanding the challenges that plague their field helps them maneuver the tricky terrains they might find themselves in. Hence, the importance of this article for people who have not properly educated themselves. 

One of the biggest concerns in the accounting world is Tax cuts. Many professionals find this part a hard pill to swallow as it affects other areas of their lives also. Entertainment expenses are no longer deducted with bonus depreciation allowing businesses to deduct 100% depreciation on assets. One way professionals in accounting can solve this issue is by updating their accounting software. This has to be done every month to keep up with the TCJA rates and deductions that occur. 

Another issue accounting professionals face is that Artificial Intelligence and Automation have taken over traditional accounting duties. We live in a world where everything is done digitally, from banking to social media to what we need to survive basically. On the accounting front also, automation and artificial intelligence have simplified the seemingly complicated traditional accounting techniques. With this, some professionals are not quite familiar with the advanced form of accounting using automation and artificial intelligence. With this issue, there is more wait time with people still opting for the traditional form of accounting when the automation is a lot faster. 

There is growing worried about cybersecurity with accounting firms and professionals. With stories of firms being hacked, the accounting world is constantly under threat. There are also not enough cybersecurity articles in accounting firms that can prevent attacks on their system. Therefore, accounting professionals in London and worldwide need to diversify their skills. Technology has taken over the grand scheme of things in the world today. Understanding several technological solutions can help put accounting firms in a safe place when it comes to attacks and other issues. 

There is no way we will talk about the accounting professional's issue without looking at the lack of trained professionals in et field. This is one issue that has plagued the industry for many years. With the plethora of accounting jobs available in London, there are not many professionals to fill that void. It is more or less like the saying, the harvest is much, but the laborers are few. There is a need for more trained professionals skilled in traditional and automated accounting systems that can help solve problems in a firm. This will reduce downtime and issues with human resources in several accounting firms. Also, in places where people have sufficient knowledge of the advanced forms of accounting, there should be training programs to bring others up-to-speed on the development s in the accounting world. 

In conclusion, accounting is no child's play. The profession entails a great deal of sacrifice and years of tenacity and experience. However, being informed and diverse in other technology areas is what the profession needs to scale above the issue presented here. Furthermore, with the dwindling number of professionals in the accounting space, Servbetter offers accounting services in London to any company or business. We have a platform that offers stellar emergency services as there is a blistering array of professionals on our platform ready to work. 


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