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Your operating system may not function properly because a corrupt file is present on your computer. In this case, the screen on your HP laptop will go black, but it will continue to run and function normally. A Windows upgrade is the most common cause of a black screen on an HP laptop. Let's take a look at the possible causes of an HP black screen or hp laptop dead screen:


  1. Unplugging the motherboard's graphics card.


  1. Incorrectly configured RAM


  1. Rechargeable screen inverter


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of your operating system


How to Fix an HP Laptop with a Black Screen


Here are five common solutions that have worked for our customers. When it comes to solving a problem, you don't have to go through all of these steps in order.


  1. Restart your laptop using the reset button.


  1. explorer.exe should be restarted.


  1. make sure you have the most recent driver for your graphics card.


  1. Turn off a fast starting timer.


  1. Return to a previous state.


Method 1: Perform a laptop reset using the hard reset button on the device.


Possibly, the hp laptop dead screen on the HP PC was caused by a hardware problem. Try disabling all of your system's hardware to see if this fixes your issue in such situations. Take the following steps to complete the task:


  1. Reduce the volume on your HP laptop or desktop.


  1. Remove any external hard drive, battery, or another peripheral device.


  1. Release the power button after pressing and holding it for at least a minute.


  1. Your laptop's battery should now be plugged in and attached to the charger.


  1. Check to see whether the issue has been repaired by restarting your computer.


If this doesn't help, try unplugging and reconnecting each of your peripherals one at a time. In addition, this is the only option to fix hp laptop dead screen problems without being able to sign in on Windows using the method described above. If the previous method doesn't work for you, you can also log into your Windows PC and see if it helps. Before doing any of the other methods, restart your computer in safe mode to see if it helps.


Alternatively, you can restart the explorer.exe software.


Deactivation of explorer.exe may be caused by malware infecting your system, resulting in a black screen on your HP laptop. Start, taskbar, desktop, and File Manager are all controlled by Explorer.exe, the Windows graphical shell's program manager. If explorer.exe goes into deactivation mode, Windows' graphical user interface will be lost. It's as if your desktop screen or taskbar disappears from view, and your HP laptop screen becomes dark. As a rule of thumb, always follow these steps:


  1. Simply press and hold down all three of these keys simultaneously to open Task Manager.


  1. Navigate to the Details tab and scroll down to find the explorer.exe process.


  1. Afterwards, click the Finish button.


  1. Check if the hp laptop's dead screen has been repaired by doing a fresh boot of your computer.


If you are unable to locate explorer.exe in the list, you can complete the following procedures by hand:


  1. Open Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys simultaneously.


  1. Click the File menu and choose ‘Run New Task' from the drop-down menu that appears.


  1. This is how you would start a run application. Enter explorer.exe into the search box and press Enter.


  1. Afterwards, click the Finish button.


Make sure your graphics driver is up-to-date with the latest version.


One of the most common causes of a black screen on an HP laptop is an out-of-date or missing graphics card driver. Make careful to update your drivers if they aren't up to date. Go to HP support and search for the newest graphics driver for your computer.


Disabling Fast Startup is the fourth method.


One of the best solutions to fix the hp laptop dead screen is to disable rapid startup on your laptop. When you use Fast startup in Windows 10, your machine won't be able to shut down properly like it did in Windows 8 (when it was called Fast boot). Fast Startup may allow you to start or shut down your computer, but it prevents any future system updates that would necessitate a shutdown. The HP laptop's black screen on startup mode can occur if the system does not receive a new upgrade from time to time. The following steps will disable Windows' Fast Startup feature:


  1. Windows and X keys combined are all that is needed to open the quick access menu.


  1. Choose ‘Choose what the power buttons do from the ‘Power Options' drop-down menu.


  1. It is now possible to access the ‘System Settings' menu item. There's a button in the admin panel that says “Change settings that are presently unavailable.” Click on that to make changes.


  1. Click the Save changes button to remove the “Turn on speedy startup” option from the “Shut-down options” section.


  1. To see if the problem has been resolved, perform a fresh boot of the machine.


Using the Undo feature in your browser


Always utilize this method if you recently upgraded your operating system and are suffering HP computer black screen issues when the cursor is still moving on the screen. ” If you find yourself in this situation, follow these steps:


  1. A new window box with a list of options will appear when you type “restore” into the Windows search box.


  1. Select ‘Create a restore point from the drop-down menu.


  1. Select the System Restore option from the System Protection menu.


  1. You'll be presented with a new window box asking you to choose the most recent changes to the system before clicking ‘Next.'


  1. Make your decision, then press the Finish button to finalize your changes.


  1. To see if the problem has been solved, resolve your computer.


On any HP laptop, a hp laptop dead screen, or simply a black screen, can occur. It's also possible that key dates or information recorded in your system's memory will be lost when you fix the HP black screen problem. Creating a backup record on an external storage device or in cloud storage is usually recommended to avoid complete data loss.




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