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The blood emperor of the last world

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Lu Yu adjusted the channel of the communicator, and the TV began to broadcast the video messages received in the communicator. The four girls also came out wearing Lu Yu's shirts and trousers. They came in little dresses yesterday. Hello, General Lu, this is Military Headquarters Notice No.107436, asking General Lu to arrive at the Fourth Underground Base at 10 o'clock on the 19th to carry out Military Headquarters Project No.3426. During this period, the base will be responsible for all the food and accommodation for the general and his family, and the general will be asked to carry out the duties of the principality's spiritual law coordination at the same time, at the same location as the fourth underground base. The principality will send a commissioner, Miss Chen Yu-ting, to assist the general, and the order will be announced here, wishing the general a happy vacation. “The day after tomorrow?” Hua Hin looked at the communicator. There was a date on it: “My husband is leaving again.” We're going, too! We are'family, ‘aren't we? Li Lingshan went on to say that the three women all showed a look of anticipation and uneasiness at the same time. You look good in this. If you want to see it, come along! I have to go anyway. Lu Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “You haven't said yet, do you still want your four treasures or not?” Cheng amorous feelings gently leaning on Lu Yu's side, she could not stand such a guess in her heart. “Will all my babies be obedient?” Lu Yu motioned for the other three to come to him and gently stroked Cheng Fengqing's fine black hair. “Will..” Except for Rona, the three girls answered in low voices. “Don't worry about me, okay?” “Does Na still want to be with me?” Lu Yu asked a haggard Luo Na. Rona nodded, but did not dare to look at Lu Yu. “Would you like to be my baby until you have someone you like?” Rona did not speak, but hugged Lu Yu forward, nodded a few times, and let the tears flow down. At this warm moment, Lu Yu's communicator broke the atmosphere with the sound: “General Lu, General Lu.” Lu Yu pressed the communicator strangely. This is the hotel service desk. Duchy General Li Mu-ming and General Li's son are visiting. When staying in the hotel,Carbon in Pulp, the basic information of Lu Yu was logged in the hotel, which was convenient to contact Lu Yu at any time during his stay. “I see. Ask them to wait and I'll come down.” “Okay.” My uncle and cousin? What are they doing here? Lingshan said strangely. When Lu Yu took the four girls to the hall, he saw General Li, whom he had only seen last night, and a young man with a square face who looked like his father. “Oh, General Lu, the four nieces are here too!” When General Li Muming saw that the four women were all dressed in men's clothes, he probably guessed that the relationship between the four women and Lu Yu must be extremely unusual. “Hello, General Lee.” Lu Yu showed his usual smile. “All right, sit down.” Duchy General Li Muming beckoned Lu Yu and others to sit down. The round table in the hall was not big, and the four women were not seated, all standing behind Lu Yu. The four girls wore the same white shirts and beige trousers. Although they were dressed in a neutral way, they were more eye-catching. Such a situation can not help but surprised Li Muming: “These four children are all after the dignitaries!”! “This is the son of a dog, Carbon in Pulp ,sodium cyanide price, Li Ching-yao, who is Ling Shan's cousin.” “Hello, General Lu.” Lu Yu nodded. “Hello.” “I've heard that General Lu has been ordered to recruit a new army. After training, the dog has done quite well. I've come to see if I can help General Lu.” Li Muming explained the purpose of his visit. “Training?” Feeling strange, Lu Yu asked, “What kind of training?” Lu Yu felt that Li Qingyao had a higher spiritual strength than ordinary people. “General Lu may have just left the front line and is still not very clear, because now the government has expanded its spiritual training, and Lee has also set up a training institution, and the dog has just graduated from the Lee Spiritual Training Center.” “My family runs it, and it specializes in spiritual training. It lasts three months, and my cousin is the first in this period.” Lingshan explained in a whisper in Lu Yu's ear. Lu Yu nodded, took the information handed over by Li Qingyao with both hands, turned it over slightly, and stopped at the part about the test data. “Wait a minute, guys. There's something I need to know.” Lu Yu complained and took the four girls to one side of the seat. “The total amount of mental strength, that is, the data that is generally measured..” Lu Yu listens to Li Lingshan to explain at the same time, Li Muming can not help but be surprised, these four beautiful nieces seem to be not only very familiar with Lu Yu, but also quite devoted, how to return a responsibility? “Don't your cousins have some strange title?” “Ice and Snow Four Beauties”? Ice Luo Leng Li, Snow Cheng Jiao Hua, Luo Li Cheng Hua, Ice and Snow Four Jiao. It seems that they are quite fond of that boy Lu Yu! The waves behind really drive on the waves before, and he's not very good-looking. Not only is he the fastest ever to be promoted to junior general, but he's also so popular with women. Li Mu-ming is one of the directors of Li's Group, and naturally knows the four different forces represented by the four women in the business world. There may be other reasons! I don't know. Li Qinghua looked at Cheng Fengqing, who snuggled up to Lu Yu, and felt a little sour. “Sorry to have kept you waiting.” Lu Yu returned to his seat and sat down. “It's true that Mr. Li's achievements are very good, but what I want to say to Mr. Li is that the front line is very dangerous. If Mr. Li is willing, of course he is very welcome to join.” Lu Yu paused for a moment to think and then went on to say, “Actually, there's no need to look for me. With Mr. Li's grades, it's very easy to get into the training team.” “General Hsieh Lu.” Li Qingyao responded in a hurry. “The principality wants me to find someone with more than 1,200 mental strength. I think there may be less than ten, so I will train at the base for a while. If you are willing to participate, you can report to the fourth underground base in two days.” “Yes!” See Lu Yu promised not only Li Qingyao happy, Li Muming is also smiling. He is too aware of Lu Yu's ability, who told Lu Yu to rush back to the space station from the first star when he was on duty. He saw with his own eyes that under the laser attack that the hardest reset alloy could not stop, Lu Yu was able to stand up and defend his own life and that of a little girl. Lu Yu noticed Li Qingyao's uniform, the rank of second lieutenant. “Then I'll take him there, and I'll ask General Lu.” Seeing that the matter was settled,small gold wash plant, Li Mu-ming stood up and said, “Don't wait for him to change his mind.”. “You're welcome, General.” Lu Yu took General Li Muming's outstretched right hand. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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