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The Body of Evidence for Airport Check-in

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Rajneesh De, Consulting Editor, APAC News Network

As a passenger you are walking into a busy Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. You are already late, but today you are immediately identified by smart systems that automatically checks-in you into your flight. Not just that, the system also lets you walk past security and immigration checks and subsequently allows you to board the flight without having to present any travel document like passport, visa or even boarding pass. No we are not getting into the realms of sci-fi, but into the sphere of technology in airport check ins. 

With evolution in technology, this experience is no longer a distant dream for any passenger to the airport. Technology systems that leverage travellers’ biometrics information can be a game-changer in the entire airport check-in process. Some would already point the usage of the Digiyatra system now being used in a handful of Indian airports.

However, Digiyatra is currently going through its teething problems and going mainstream is still quite a long way distant. The operative word here is ‘handful’—till now only a few airports have adopted this system and that too in a hybrid mode. Moreover connectivity bottlenecks are often hampering the Digiyatra operations and not giving passengers a smooth and seamless experience. In addition, not all operators are yet to be properly trained to handle the operational intricacies. 

Banking on biometrics

On the other hand, an overwhelming dependence on biometrics will definitely be a game changer once it crosses the initial connectivity bottlenecks. Validating identity is an essential capability at virtually every stage of travel and this tech can dictate every stage of the process. In the airport, the first place a traveler needs to establish identity is during check-in and the facial recognition prototype appropriately designed could actas a proof-of-concept for using a person’s face as a biometric identifier. The tested use-cases include those for kiosk check-in at an airport as well as for app login on on the phone.


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