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Long gone are those days where women thought they looked best dressed only in skirts and dresses. The fashion industry and clothing boutiques have gone all out in the last couple of years to introduce our new age women’s bottom wear. These pants are available in so many different styles, cuts and fits that it is almost impossible to get the outfit on point. With more choices comes more confusion. 

Let this guide assist you in styling those stylish pants to your advantage.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have a tight, body shaping fit right from the waist till the ankle. They are typically high-waisted, but as we know, low-waist is trending again. They also come in ribbed fabric for a stylish look. Skinny jeans can be styled in million ways. They are well-known for their versatility. You can pair them with loose satin shirts for a semi-formal event. Going to university? Pair them with your favorite hoodie or sweatshirt. A pro tip – Since the bottom wear is tight, go with an easy fit top. This will give your body structure and balance.  

Tapered Pants

As the name suggested, this style tapers at the bottom. They fall between skinny jeans and straight cut pants. They fit as usual from the waist to toe and start tapering from the knee down. The style makes it perfect formal attire when paired with a well-pleated shirt. For more casual events, strappy sandals and a fitted top are your way to go. Women’s bottoms in this style are both comfortable and stylish. Good footwear is a must as the length of the pants stops at the ankle making the strappy sandals more visible. 

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans were a massive fashion statement bottoms in the ‘70s and now they have made a comeback in our time. These are also called bell bottom. The style is designed in a way that they fit on the waist and thigh and dramatically flare from the knee. Flared jeans are available in many different fabrics, but our favorite is the good old denim. Keep this jean style for your dinners and parties by pairing it with fitted t-shirts or tube tops. If dressed appropriately, you are sure to turn some heads around.

Boot Cut Jeans

This style is similar to flared jeans minus the dramatic flare. The boot cut flares gentle from the knee. They are made in this fashion to accommodate boots. Pairing boot cut jeans with cropped and bomber jackets will make you appear elongated as the torso looks longer. For shoe styling tip, you have the option to go for boots, strappy heels or pointed pumps. Anything that will make you look tall.  


Love good denim, but do not want to compromise with comfort? Jeggings can be your best friend. They are stretchable and tight fitted which makes them stylish and comfortable. Pair them with loose blouses and t-shirts to balance out the tight bottoms. 


These are a variation of sweatpants and are designed for athletic purposes. Since we all crave to wear athleisure, joggers are now available in a ton of different materials. They are no longer restricted to be worn only for workouts. They are relaxed fit throughout and are cuffed with elastic right above the ankle. If you are looking for loungewear to pair with your knitted hoodie, the black joggers are your best bet. You can either wear it as a co-ord or just by itself with a contrasting hoodie. Why not lounge and run errands in style? 

Low-rise Jeans

Bottoms for women in low-rise jeans made a fashion statement back in the 90s and are all set to make a comeback now. They start anywhere from below the belly button and hip bone. They are available in boyfriend, wide-legged and skinny variations. This style is a petite women’s favorite. Wear a top that just touches the waistline. This will make your torso look longer. If you are willing to show off toned abs, pair it with a cropped top and jacket to compensate for the extra skin show. 

Boyfriend Jeans

Who doesn’t like relaxed fit jeans that also look stylish! They are baggy and big and most come with distressed patterns to make them edgy. They suit all body types. Boyfriend jeans are best worn with body-hugging t-shirts and sleeveless camisoles. They are best-suited for brunches and shopping days.  


They are also called carpenter pants. The overalls have a bib attached to the front and are secured with two adjustable straps at the back. They were initially made of thick fabric for the laborers. But, now they are available in all sorts of materials. Denim still being a favorite. These are versatile to an extent that they can be worn both during summer and winter. 

For sunny days, pair a sleeveless or cropped top underneath making sure the neckline rises above the bib. For colder days, turtlenecks and knit sweaters will give the perfect warmth under the overalls. For our lovely tomboyish girls, put on your sneakers and for a feminine look pair it with heels or sandals. 


Summers are around the corner and we all love showing off our legs and allow them to breathe. The clothing boutiques offer a range of shorts for women to choose from. From denim to printed to tie-dye, you name it and they got it. They are perfect to pair with plain and printed tees when running errands or lounging at home. If you have a beach day planned, carry your shorts without fail to get a beautiful tan on the beach. 


It can tricky to get the top and bottom correct all the time. Since the clothing boutiques have an overwhelming number of choices to choose from, getting it correct has gotten tougher. The key here is to balance the look by going either tight on the top or loose on the bottom or vice versa. This gives structure and makes the attire look cohesive. Don’t forget to pair the right pair of footwear to amp up the look. With the right bottoms for women and your perfect smile, you are ought to make a fashion statement. 

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