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For many people the cost of laser surgery may appearEagleEye 911 Reviewat first glance to be prohibitive. Some clinics charge for every step of the procedure, from an initial consultation fee to each pre- and post-operative visit, as well as any necessary re-treatments, resulting in fees of as much as $4000 per eye.

Australia allows for competition, so eye surgeons are free to charge any price that a patient is prepared to pay. Is there any reason, however, to justify such a high cost?

Today the three most sought-after elective laser eye surgical procedures are surface laser (PRK, LASEK, ASL or ASLA), LASIK (Microkeratome or Intralase), and Presbyopic laser or Blended Vision (Presbylaser or Presbymax). While all three involve the laser, LASIK uses the flap procedure, the laser cutting a flap in the cornea to reshape it. PRK, on the other hand, utilizes the laser to reshape the surface of the cornea without a cut, while Presbyopic laser involves LASIK or PRK.



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