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Using spreadsheets for estimation may seem easy at first glance. However, contractors relying on spreadsheets also open themselves up to too many problems.

Do you want to simplify your project management with specialized estimation software? Look no further than TurboBid. Our estimating software for project management is specially designed for quick and accurate construction estimations.

Although it may seem that you are saving time and money, things may be the opposite, and you don't even realize it. If you have been using spreadsheets for estimation, here are common issues you might be familiar with:

  1. Lack estimation-related functions
  2. Mistakes in formulas and human errors
  3. Inability to scale and track changes

Here are the top reasons why spreadsheets can cost your business.

Accurate results are key: Although performing actions on Excel may seem easy, minor errors can create havoc on simple estimates, and you may need help finding the mistakes or fixing them.

This is because it’s easy to tamper with the formula of spreadsheets, whether by accident or purpose. Any such error can create significant discrepancies in the calculations. Getting your numbers right can determine whether you win the bid or not.

However, using construction estimation software like TurboBid, you can easily calculate the material costs, labor costs, profit margins, etc.

Focus on Growth

Contractors and construction companies always focus on growth. However, many need more time to maintain and verify the integrity of data, and that is where they need better technology that helps them scale cost-effectively. There are not many options for this in spreadsheets, and it is not powerful enough to handle multiple estimations and complicated calculations.

Surpassing Spreadsheets:

Using Excel for cost estimates puts your profitability and competitive advantage at risk. While it may seem convenient and fast, relying on spreadsheets can lead to lost bids, revenue, and wasted time. It's wise to explore alternative estimating software tailored for construction companies to avoid accuracy issues and limited scalability or customization. Such software will help improve your speed, precision, accuracy, and, last but not least, the reputation of your company.


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