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When it comes to disinfection products, the first thing that comes to your mind is povidone-iodine! However, up to now, many farmers have been unable to experience the effect of using iodine preparations that “conform to the standard”, so that the effect is lost. Is there a problem with iodine or the standard cannot keep up with the changes in the environment?!
  Povidone-iodine is a common disinfection drug in farming. It has the characteristics of wide bactericidal spectrum, strong bactericidal power and fast bactericidal speed. It is cheap, has little irritation to skin and tissue, low toxicity, and is safe and convenient to use. In terms of raw materials, the main components of povidone-iodine are iodine and PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone). The solid povidone-iodine is relatively stable in the natural environment, while it is formulated into liquid povidone-iodine. Other external conditions have a great influence on its available iodine content. These are not long-winded, mainly to talk about some of the characteristics of povidone-iodine, to help everyone distinguish the authenticity.
  1. The problem of iodine content must be known to everyone, but what about the content of PVP, PVP has been used as artificial plasma, and its good permeability and biocompatibility have been recognized. Povidone-iodine with high PVP content has obvious advantages in stability, safety, and penetration and bactericidal properties, and it is also a foothold for many drugs to be used together with povidone-iodine to achieve synergy. So next time you buy povidone iodine, you might as well ask one more question, what is the content of PVP (povidone)? Take a small amount of povidone-iodine bought back and pour it on a glass plate or other flat surface. Generally, it will form a film after a few hours of natural air-drying, that is, a film will be formed. That is genuine.
  2. The color of povidone-iodine is relatively dark, and the color is still black and red when diluted to 0.5% or 0.1% (available iodine). This can be compared in practice.
  3. Be sure to pay attention to the difference between available iodine and specifications. Generally, the specifications are marked on the market. Available iodine refers to the actual iodine content. Available iodine 10% is 100% specification. Available iodine 1% is 10% specification. Available iodine 0.1% is 1% specification. This sucks, so be sure to watch it.
  4. Stability, many manufacturers often ignore this fatal point when purchasing povidone-iodine raw materials. The content and pH of povidone-iodine with poor stability are in line with the national standard when it is just produced. In a month (especially in the summer high temperature season) or even less time, the iodine content will drop very much, and the PH is not in the range. For example, a certain manufacturer purchases povidone-iodine raw materials, dilutes it into 1% available iodine, and places it for a month before using the iodine content to drop to 0.6% PH less than 3. The 2-year validity period cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Water-soluble; good povidone-iodine raw materials can still dissolve well under the conditions of low water temperature or high water hardness, and there will be no dross and other phenomena.
  6. Bactericidal; this requires a zone of inhibition or other biological testing. The bactericidal properties of regular povidone-iodine are great.
  In addition, how to use povidone-iodine reasonably is also critical. For example, when the organic content in the water is high, it will affect the use effect. Therefore, the argument that it is suitable to be used before fertilizer and water also has some basis.
  Povidone-iodine can sink to the bottom, disinfecting and sterilizing the harsh water environment at the bottom.



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