The Classic Way Of Watching Online Movies At 123movies!

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In India, if someone is as revered or worshipped like the almighty Himself, then they might be a hero or cricketer. India is passionate about its film stars and cricket stars. If we talk about the movie craze in India, it is estimated that about 1000 feature movies release in India per year. These movies available at 123movies vary from Hindi, English to other regional languages totalizing about 27. It is quite an astonishing fact that we Indians are served with about a thousand cinematic delights in a year.

This shows the craziness and likeness of Indians for films. Earlier, people used to wait for days or even weeks to get tickets for movies of their favorite movie stars so that they can watch them in cinemas halls. It is reported that in the coming years, India’s digital entrainment industry will even surpass the world’s largest film industry.  

About one third of the Indian population now has access to a smartphone and with the arrival of Reliance Jio, the access to cheap internet has triggered the enormous consumption of the internet data by the Indians.

Movies that are widely available online:

There are still a large number of people who love to watch movies in cinema halls. If we take opinion from the slightly older generation, none of them think to watch a movie on a small screen. They know that to get the real pleasure of watching the cinema you have to visit a theater.

The main reason for the likeness of cinema halls is the big screen which increases the cinematic experience to many folds. We cannot compare the experience one gets while watching a movie like Baahubali on a big theater screen to that of watching it on a small laptop screen. Also, we should keep in mind, the loss of business of the cinema theater owners at the hands of the digital platform.

Tollywood films get popular in the North and Bollywood reaches the south too. People now have started admiring the works of movies from different regions and languages with the help of subtitles of-course. One very prominent example comes to the mind of most of the folks is the movie called ‘Drive,’ which was made terrible and was showcased online on NETFLIX instead of releasing in theatres.

The importance:

Online movies play a very important role in the global financial sector, health, society & culture.  Today online movie web are deal with billions of dollar businesses in the world.

One can take breaks while watching series and movies on any screen. This also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases which otherwise is also a common hazard caused due to longer screen time.

The conclusion:

It is only these few things that you need to be aware of before you ride on the fun journey of streaming movies online at 123movies. The option which provides the maximum comfort and the least cost is just a few sites away. Therefore, get your movie snacks and stream that legendary cinema you have been waiting for!


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