The Cocobella Smart Toilet

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The best way to relax is through cleanliness. Smart Toilet Brand  ensures that your daily hygiene is maintained with water. In its purity, this new approach to wellness allows people to take control.

You can step into the world of wellness innovation with smart toilets. This is sanitaryware that offers greater personal hygiene and comfort, thanks to the washing with water.

Auto-control technology of smart toilets allows you to choose between rear and front cleanse modes, male or female settings. You can customize settings for each person by using the water jet, which includes a variety of massage options, water temperature controls, and different drying levels. The remote control and the controls on the toilet can be used to activate the functions. Here are a few- 

·       Automatic flushing from the seat

·       Side knob and remote control

·       Adjustable water flow and temperature

·       Drying function, with temperature six adjustable settings

·       Light sense night light

·       Slow down the opening method

How smart toilets work 

Although the design may look similar to a traditional toilet, inside it is filled with the innovative technology in which water jets are used to provide improved and intimate hygiene. They are easy to use.

Two water outlets can be found on the smart toilet. One is for 360o cleaning and another is in the shape of a tube. 

You can modify the preset functions to your liking. You can control the functions using either a remote control that can be hung on the wall or one side of your toilet.

Washing functions

These latest toilets have hidden tubes. The tube automatically comes out when you activate washing mode and releases a jet of water that can last up to three minutes. The water is distributed by the tube's oscillations. This function can be used for male or female intimate hygiene, or frontal and posterior washing. The tube comes with a self-cleaning system that activates after each use to improve hygiene.

With various levels, each function can be controlled to adjust the water temperature and flow according to your preferences.

Massage function

This smart toilet features two types of massage functions: comfort wash with linear movements and pulse massage with alternating intensity. 

Drying functions

After washing, you can activate the drying function for up to 4 minutes. A jet of air is released from the toilet's interior. Also, adjust the temperature according to the requirements between 40ºC and 60ºC.

Night function

To make it more convenient, the toilet can be lit at night. The toilet is easy to clean because it is made from low porosity material. Cocobella ceramic sanitaryware is easy to maintain while maintaining safety and hygiene at the highest levels.

For installation, we recommend that you use a qualified professional.

Although the smart toilet market is still at its beginning, it is expected to grow rapidly due to COVID-19. Many experts have pointed out that coronavirus gets transmitted by respiratory droplets. This means you can catch it from surfaces your hand touches.

To make it less likely that bathrooms are used as points of transmission, install more hand-free toilets.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom, there are selected brands that have a stock of smart toilets available in worldwide. Cocobella Smar Toilets brings various luxuries as well as hygienic features to your toilet time.

How to Choose the Right Smart Toilet for Your Bathroom

Smart toilets give your bathroom a classy, elegant finish. Consider these factors when choosing the right smart toilet for your bathroom.

 Measure the distance from the toilet drain 

As the toilet has been designed from the start and there will be a pipe that will connect to the septic tanks with the toilet drain, which is located in the bathroom. It is important to adjust the distance between the drain hole and the bathroom wall to meet your needs.  

Take a look at the body

There are usually two types of toilet seats: one-piece or two-piece. The body is visible between the attached tank and the toilet tank. Two pieces are visible between the tank and the body. Smart Toilets, in general, use a one-piece design.

 Choose Seat Cover

There are two options for closing the toilet: regular or soft closing. Soft-closing is achieved by a spring attached to the hinge. The toilet will close slowly if it's closed. Regular closing does not have a spring. The smart toilet covers are usually covered with a sensor or remote.


A one-piece western toilet seat will be slightly more expensive than a 2-piece. A Smart seat would be ideal if you have the funds and desire luxury and features. These seats come packed with many features, such as temperature settings, water temperatures, and spa/massage options.

 Check the bidet

Some toilet seats have bidets, while others do not. The toilet seat with a bidet must be inspected to ensure strong water pressure. If the water pressure in your toilet is lower, you can choose a toilet that does not have a bidet.

Try the flushing system

The toilet seat can be equipped with either a single flush or a dual flush. A single flush has only one option for the user who wants to rinse. The tank's capacity varies according to the size. Water will only come out of the flush button when it is pressed. Dual flush allows the user to choose between two options that can be customized to suit your needs. You can also save water by choosing to use less water. Smart flushing toilets only require the user to press the remote.

From this guide, we hope you got an idea of what things you can consider while purchasing smart toilets. These were references from Cocobella Smart Toilets- one of the best-sellers within China. Its excellent features make it most suitable for babies, the elderly, and disabled people. It meets all the requirements that your family may need. Purchase now at our store and customize as you would like to. We are committed to making high-quality products and services to the international market, By exporting whole bathroom material and offering one-stop bathroom solutions for you.


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