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The Colour Trends That Will Give Your Home a Luxury Boost

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We're well underway into 2023, but we want to remind you that there is still time to put the latest interior design trends from this year into practice for next year! We went all out in 2022 with extravagant and controversial color palettes, with sophisticated reds, greys and blacks dominating the scene. For 2023 we bring a more textured and luxurious approach, selecting a palette of new shades mixed with well-loved classics.

If you're looking to give a luxury touch at home NZ, ensure to include these fresh and fancy colors that have been considered this year's color trends. 


99% of the time, simplicity is all we're looking for in a color palette. Minimalism helps make the room look uncluttered and provides a warm tone to any luxury home. When it comes to off-cream paint colors, though, this doesn't apply: from white and yellowy tones to beige and even into browns; there are lots of subtle variations to keep things interesting despite the minimalist design!


While nature is often a source of inspiration for home decoration and many other things, there has been a sudden interest in woodland-based home design. With wooden beams, wooden-style wallpaper, greys and ferns colors etc., there are plenty of ways you can implement woodland ideas into your home using the walls. By combining these natural, earthy colors with gorgeous plants, you can transform part of your luxury home into the forest outside! New elements have been recently introduced in luxury homes, like vertical gardens. A vertical garden is a wall completely covered in plants! This idea not only provides a fantastic look for any room but also serves to improve air quality!

Pantone's Colour Of The Year: Coral!

We all remember that Pantone color – “Living Coral,” isn't it? It's warm and nourishing for your home. Despite its slight fluorescence, this tone is believed to be precisely what you need on your luxury walls to embed comfort and intimacy. It is suitable with a variety of other colors and textures also, so this implementation shouldn't cause many limitations when redecorating.

Dark Greens

Designing a house requires a lot of consideration regarding the colors that you'd use. Specific colors can make or break the entire room. Make sure the colors you're using aren't too bold. A lighter shade of green is trendy for spring and even summer since it remains aesthetically pleasing during those warmer months. If your interior design project needs some painting, this list here could prove quite valuable!

Greys & Lilacs

There are many different shades of lilac and grey on the market. They may be two completely different colors, but both shades of this color family are modern alternatives to neutrals. Furthermore, if you aren't interested in the off-cream look that everyone seems to have, choosing a lilac or grey shade works as a refreshing, unique alternative appropriate for every occasion, suitable to match more or less any other colors and textures too!


Last but certainly not least, why not add some mustard into your luxury home? Suppose you're a luxury homeowner looking to add a pop of personality and make the room look highly funky. In that case, deep mustard can be an excellent choice for immediately creating a rich perspective. Or, if you're thinking of bringing in a modern alternative to gold tones, mustard allows you an extra unique touch. Whatever color scheme you've selected from white marble or dark oak wood, mustard works with more or less any pattern and texture. People love it because they know it pairs well with most colors and that ‘pop' of color is needed in their house.

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