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Roots Analysis has done a detailed report on Companion Diagnostics Development Services Market, 2020-2030 covering key aspects of the industry and identifying future growth opportunities

To order this 320+ page report, which features 120+ figures and 115+ tables, please visit this –https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/view_document/companion-diagnostics-services/297.html

Key Market Insights 

  • Over 180 companies from different regions across the globe presently claim to provide services for the development of companion diagnostic tests
  • Currently, a variety of services are available across the entire diagnostics development supply chain, including assays based on a wide range of analytical techniques, especially in the developed geographies
  • Numerous pharmaceutical players are actively seeking to enter into partnership with companion diagnostics service providers, in order to leverage the latter’s expertise in this field
  • The rise in interest in this field is reflected in the number of partnerships established in the recent past, involving both international and indigenous stakeholders, and focused on a variety of end objectives
  • In order to achieve an edge over the contemporary competition, companies engaged in this domain are increasingly focusing on the integration of advanced service offerings in their respective portfolios
  • The value chain involves drug and diagnostics developers, service providers, along with other important stakeholders, each having a discrete set of priorities and requirements
  • Given the growing demand for precision medicine, the companion diagnostics services market is expected to witness a double digit growth; the opportunity is likely to be distributed across different regions and techniques

In the long-term, growth in the market is anticipated to be driven by the clinical studies based on novel tumor markers, which have been identified as promising biological targets for development of companion diagnostics

For more information, please visit https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/view_document/companion-diagnostics-services/297.html


Table of Contents


1.         PREFACE
1.1.       Scope of the Report
1.2.       Research Methodology
1.3.       Chapter Outlines



3.1.       Chapter Overview

3.2.       Evolution of Personalized Medicine


3.3.       Overview of Companion Diagnostics

3.3.1.    Development of Companion Diagnostics

3.3.2.    Analytical Techniques Used in Companion Diagnostic Tests Immunohistochemistry In situ Hybridization Polymerase Chain Reaction DNA Sequencing / Next Generation Sequencing

3.3.3.    Advantages of Companion Diagnostics

3.4.       Applications of Companion Diagnostics across Different Therapeutic Areas 

3.4.1.    Oncology

3.4.2.    Infectious Diseases

3.4.3.    Neurological Disorders

3.5.       Regulatory Review and Approval Process for Companion Diagnostics

3.6.       Existing Challenges

3.7.       Future Roadmap


4.1.       Chapter Overview

4.2.       Companion Diagnostics Service Providers: Overall Market Landscape

4.2.1     Analysis by Type of Service Offered

4.2.2.    Analysis by Type of Analytical Technique

4.2.3.    Analysis by Regulatory Accreditation / Certification


4.3.       Companion Diagnostics Service Providers: Developer Landscape

4.3.1     Analysis by Year of Establishment

4.3.2     Analysis by Company Size

4.3.3     Analysis by Geographical Location

4.3.4     Grid Representation: Analysis by Type of Service Offered, Company Size, and Geographical Location

4.3.5     World Map Representation: Analysis by Geography



5.1.       Chapter Overview


5.2.       Key Players in North America

5.2.1.    Asuragen Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.2.2.    Covance Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.2.3.    Geneuity Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.2.4.    MD Biosciences Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.2.5.    ResearchDx Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.3.       Players in Europe

5.3.1.    Almac Diagnostic Services Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.3.2.    Leica Biosystems Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.3.3.    R-Biopharm Recent Developments and Future Outlook


5.3.4.    Tepnel Pharma Services Recent Developments and Future Outlook



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