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The Custom and Theme based website development are quite different from each other. The features of a customized website and a theme based website are also different. The development of a website comes into existence when a business unit wants to either build a new website or redesign or rebuilt an existing website. Moreover, there raises the question of building a customized website or a theme based website.  However, both the different types of website have huge differences in their features and functionality along with both advantages and disadvantages. The website developers of Qdexi offer high quality Theme Based Website Designing Service to their clients. 

Difference between a Custom and Theme Based Website

To develop a website from scratch, the web developers uses different programming languages and platforms like Shopify, WordPress, or the other CMS (Content Management System) platforms. Therefore for accommodating the specific need of the customers and its organization the CMS’s get customized in terms of its content, appearance, and features for creating the design of a custom website.

On the contrary, the theme based website takes the complete advantage of the pre-made templates. The things that are required to do by the developers are the minimal tasks that involves in translating the identity of the company into the website. With the innovation and advent of the new technology, the transformation of the appearance of the website along with its functionalities has become simpler and easier now as there are availability of different templates of websites which can be used in developing the theme based website. While offering Website Redesigning Services the experts of Qdexi keep in mind about the requirement of their clients.        

Both the available options for developing website can be optimized across devices and platforms and even update the contents. However, by utilizing the CMS tools the organizations can initiate conducting the updates on their existing website pages and layouts even without any kind of technical support. Accordingly it can be summarized that there are actually three different ways for building a website and these are fully customized, pre-built theme, and a modified theme.

Comparison of the Advantages of a Custom and Theme Based Website

In a custom-built website all the features and functionalities are always uniquely designed and even the functionalities and uniquely defined which might not be found in any other website. Even there always remains a full control on the design and functionality of the website and it becomes easier to adapt the requirements of the website along with the growing needs. It also helps the business to grow while making changes and adapting changes to the website. Whereas the theme based website can be launched easily and quickly as most of the codes for the website already exists. There is availability of different kinds of website themes and therefore delivering a theme based website to the client is cost effective.

Benefits Provided by Qdexi Technology

Qdexi Technology is the most dependable title in the creation of web and mobile apps. You can trust our experts to be your partner in starting your business online as per the premium industry standards. Our methodical, disciplined, and calculable approach that spans policy, technology and advertising defines our web application development and engineering perpendicular.


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