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Pandemic has changed the entire education system. And it’s better than ever. The best part is now education is reaching every student, anywhere at their preferred time. According to serve 52 % people believe that online education will provide the most advanced degrees in future. So it’s better to know more & more so that we can become future ready.


Online Distance Learning & how it works?

Online distance learning happens virtually through screens. Students learn remotely through their mobile or laptop screens. Nowadays a lot of authentic & reputed universities are providing degrees through distance learning. Especially people who want to do higher education while working are much more interested in distancing education & why not?? If you can earn qualification just sitting in your home or anywhere around the globe.


How does it work?

These universities have proper portals where they provide different facilities for students who are learning remotely. They have a proper management system, known as LMS.

  • In Online Distance learning education happens through either real time or recorded lectures.
  • Students are also provided with different modules, sample papers & extra study material through pdfs
  • Study material on their dashboards.
  • They held a lot of virtual seminars.
  • These portals have a chat section where you can ask any question or interact with the professor.
  • Weekly tests & Exams for checking students’ Progress. Students can check their marks & reports on the dashboards through report sections.
  • You will get a lot of assessments on different topics with deadlines.
  • A lot of group discussion such as debate where you will be divided into different groups.
  • Dedicated student support who helps online students with any queries or problems.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Distance Learning

This technical approach towards education might be very refreshing but can turn challenging if we don’t know the pros & cons of it


At the time we have to understand distance learning might not be the best option for every student wanting to pursue higher studies. There are many drawbacks as well.


BTW b/w getting into anything we should always know about its advantages & disadvantages. What is better than deciding for yourself?? Which can easily be done by going through this checklist.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Working Students: Many people are out there who still want to continue their studies while they are working. This can be easily done now with the help of distance learning as it’s just impossible with regular colleges & Universities.

Homemakers: There are many homemakers who want to complete their higher education but surely want to take care of their family at the same time. So distance education can benefit them by letting them stay at home with family & continue with their education.


Affordable: Distance education surely is much cheaper compared to regular universities in terms of transportation as you don’t have to move from one place to another and also the overall fee.


Flexibility: You can get knowledge from wherever you are at your preferred time. It is one of the best things about online distance learning. Also you’ll not miss a single lecture as you can while attending regular university for one or other reason.


Convenience: Through online distance education you can learn at your own pace. These distance education portals Provide discussion forums where you can chat with your professors or put questions.


You don’t have to take pressures of getting on to the same page as your peers neither you have to feel embarrassing while you ask any questions that you think are a bit silly.


Promotions: Nowadays many people want to add more degrees so that they can have better chances of promotions. This can be very challenging as they might have to leave the job as these on-compass classes want attendance. For these people online distance education can be very good solution.


Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Adaptability: We are trained to learn in a traditional way so it’s very hard to adapt into this new way of virtual learning. Many students still don't feel fully satisfied studying via screen as they feel they are not well connected to their professors.


Discipline: Many students struggle with discipline. If they are not self-driven or disciplined enough it's very hard to get full benefit of online distance learning.

So it’s the first thing you should know about yourself if you can learn in the absence of authorities which are available in on-campus classrooms.

Technology: This is also one of the challenges many students can face especially in rural areas. Technical things can get very nerve wrecking if we don’t know how to operate which can lead to discouragement and ultimately can affect your learning.


Wifi: This is one of the most important things to have if you are going to opt for online distance learning “A good working wifi network”. Still in many parts of rural areas in India it’s very hard to get a wife network which can result in irregularity in daily classes.


Important factors to look before getting into any online Distance education

Accreditation: This is one of the important factor you should look upon before choosing any university. These colleges should have certified approval for providing any online distance degree. This why many people don’t get jobs even after completing their degree. In India these universities should have UGC, NAAC approved & NIRF ranking otherwise your all the hardship and money will go in vain. Every country has their own rules of accreditation.


Course: Another thing you should check is whether their syllabus is complete or proper as per the degree they are providing. You should also know what subject you are going to study. Is their course good enough for the skill you want for your job?


Fees: Before getting into any course you should know if you're getting the same return of interest the amount you're paying. Different universities provide different courses on different values. One university can charge you much more for the same course which other universities might have provided you on much lesser fee or vice versa.


LMS: Virtual or traditional education is just incomplete without assessments, study material or library. So last but not the least check if your university has a proper LMS meaning “Learning Management System”. It should have a proper portal which provides all the study material, recorded lectures, progress reports & sample papers.

All universities which provide distance learning degrees have well maintained LMS.

Expensive or cheap

Online distance learning is much cheaper compared to on-campus colleges. In virtual distance you don’t have to pay for transportation, hostels or other college facilities like canteen. Also it depends on the course you have chosen and universities you have gone for.


Some universities may charge more for the same course just because they’re more reputed.

Do people or employers look down upon distance learning?

You can say this holds true 3 or 4 years back. Previously people might not use to value online learning but not anymore. This is not the case anymore it has changed especially after pandemic people are considering online distance learning is more or equally valuable.


Bottom line If you are doing your learning through authentic & credible universities there is no way you will not get equal opportunities or respect.


So we can say that if you have enough self-motivation, some knowledge of technology & all the other things you require you’re good too. I would like you to decide for yourself & you can do it easily after going through this blog.






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