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Craft Beer is an artisan beer, meaning that it is nothing short of a form of art, a deliciously flavoursome and aromatic beer created by small breweries, whose emphasis is not on producing large quantities of beer and making huge profits, but on a quality product that beer lovers will be proud of. To this extent Craft Beer breweries have been very successful. Because of their passion for their product and for beer itself, they have managed to produce some of the best beers around, and since recent times, many people are switching from dull, mass-produced regular beer, to this delectable Craft Beer in London as well as all over the world.

Craft Beer brewers use all natural, organically grown, fresh ingredients, use their own special recipes which they have enhanced and honed over the years, and use traditional brewing methods to create this delicious new brew, which comes in an array of styles, types and flavours, to suit beer lovers of every kind. From bitters to sweet beers to sours, there is a Craft Beer out there for everyone.

Craft beer is referred to as an artisan beer, because no two brews will taste the same, and in fact no two batches might taste the same either. It is a unique flavour offered to beer drinkers the world over, which many people are turning to these days. In addition to their rich flavours, aroma and appearance, Craft Beer is also good for your health because they contain high amounts of antioxidants, protein and Vitamin B complex. They reduce the risk of many diseases, and enhance your lifestyle. Craft Beer is also ideal for pairing with your favourite food, whether it be meat, fish or delicious desserts, because of its wide range of flavours.

While there are many different brewers of Craft Beer in London, there are also many types of Craft beer being made around the world, which, if you do get the chance, you must try out. Wherever in the world I am travelling in, I search for a Craft beer near me because once you try a Craft Beer, you won’t want to drink anything else.

Here are a few Craft Beer brands from around the world, that are very popular.

  • Chit Beer: Porn’s Milk Stout, Cambodia – The Chit Beer brewery was founded in 2012, and their product, Porn’s Milk Stout, has become a favourite among both locals and outsiders. It is a very flavourful and light beer, which is very much drinkable with hints of coffee and chocolate. It is a slightly richer and sweeter Craft Beer due to added lactose.
  • Big Sip Co: Golden Ale, Botswana – Started in 2017 the Big Sip Co Golden Ale offers hints of refreshing citrus and passionfruit, and is one of their most popular brews.
  • Taihu Brewery: IPA, Kumquat Kölsch, Weissbier, and Bright Ale, Taiwan – This brewery is slowly taking the limelight away from Taiwan’s more favourite whiskeys towards themselves, with their innovative Craft Beers brewed using local ingredients.
  • Shambles Brewery: Dirty Copper, Australia – This brewery located in Hobart in Tasmania, is slowly making its way to the top of the list with their exotic brews, with the Dirty Cooper being one of their most popular. It is bitter with notes of toffee and amber ale.
  • Carakale Brewing Company: Dead Sea-rious, Jordan – A surprise region to brew beer, this area is slowly coming up with some great Craft beer breweries, and Carakale Brewery being one of their first, and Dead Sea-rious being their most popular.
  • Payette Brewing Co.: Aura Guava & Hibiscus Sour Ale, Idaho, USA – USA certainly has its fair share of Craft Beer breweries and Payette Brewing Co is slowly making its way to the top of the list, brewing some exotic and adventurous flavours of beer, especially the Aura Guava and Hibiscus Sour Ale.
  • Browar Szałpiw: Szałpiw Buba Extreme Whiskey Barrel Aged, Poland – This beer certainly packs a punch. This favourite from their range of Craft Beers is aged in Jack Daniels barrels, is full bodied and of a reddish brown colour. It offers 16% volume, with aromas of bourbon, dark fruit, caramel and vanilla.
  • White Rhino Brewing Co.: Export India Pale Ale, India – This India Pale Ale, actually comes from India, and is produced for the export market. Next time you are in a pub or store, make sure to look for this brand.
  • Nevada Cervecería: Happy Colibri coffee stout, Colombia – An impressive coffee stout with hints of chocolate and coffee, brings you a perfectly balanced and flavourful stout.
  • Fanø Bryghus: Kite Flyer, Denmark – This New Zealand style Pilsner pays tribute to the thousands of kite enthusiast that travel to Denmark yearly. This is a beer with a hazy amber hue showing hints of malt, hops, and fruit flavours.


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