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The Cultivation Of Bamboos Fixes Carbon And Reduces Soil Erosion Improves Air Quality

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Bamboo is a more cost-effective option than wood. About 1,200 different species of bamboo exist. It is becoming a very important material for both home and commercial uses. The burden on the forest's resources is enormous as the population grows. Outside of forests, Bamboos is widely planted in urban areas, along riverbanks, on highways, in fields, etc. Adopting bamboo-based products can promote the ecosystem's sustainable development. Compared to a comparable stand of hardwood trees, bamboo releases 35% more oxygen while absorbing the same amount of carbon dioxide.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that benefits society in terms of social, economic, and environmental factors. Although bamboo may be cultivated in a variety of climates, the tropical climate is excellent for its production. Bamboos improves air quality by absorbing 40% more CO2 than trees while producing roughly 35% more oxygen. The cultivation of bamboo also fixes carbon and reduces soil erosion. it is one of the highly renewable resources in the Indian socioeconomic-cultural-ecological-climatic-functional setting


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