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Yota’s desperate attempt to save Hina turned against him as his recklessness and immature behavior blew his cover.

The Day I Became a God started with a cheerful girl claiming to be the God Odin. Her encounter with Yota initiates a spur of events, and she enters into the Narukami family as a new family member. The Yota family welcomed her with open arms, and she started living under the same roof as Yota.

According to this petite pink-haired girl, Hina, the world will end in the next 30 days, and Yota must prepare for Judgment day. But to everyone’s surprise, Hina was not a god, and she was not talking about the end of the world but the end of herself.

As Yota visits the former parents of Hina, Mr. Satō explains why he abandoned his daughter Hina and why Yota must prepare for the dreadful future. While Hina’s father explains the whole situation with Hina about how the poor girl was born with the Logos Syndrome, and she was destined to die at an early age, Yota walks out of the place, and the meetings didn’t have any solid outcome.

In episode 11, it was revealed that a scientist took in the poor Hina, and he planted a cutting-edge computer chip in her brain, and whatever she did or said after that was computer-operated, including her love and affection for Yota and his friends.

After a turn of events, Yota meets with Hiroto Suzuki, who is half-way responsible for Hina’s condition, and explains to him that Hina is alive and living in a far-away hospital facility. As a way of apologizing, Hiroto gives him access to the facility with a fake ID with a validity of two weeks.

Yota plans to retrieve Hina in the stipulated time, but he wasn’t prepared for the sight as what he sees in front of him is a lifeless body of extremely weak and mentally exhausted Hina who can’t speak, sit, walk or go to the bathroom by herself. The caretaker explains that Hina had brain surgery, and they removed the computer chip from her head, leaving her to her former condition of Logos Syndrome.

Hina’s current condition leaves Yota broken

Yota regrets his decision and contemplates if taking Hina with him is the right option or not as she is unable to recall anything from her past, including her friends and Yota’s love. While talking with the caretaker, she explains to Yota that whatever life Hina had lived before was the output of the computer chip and the people, places, feelings, and things she shared before was part of the computer programming. Yota, shocked by the news, feels frustrated as his desperate attempt to save Hina may amount to nothing.

As the last strategy, Yota asks the hospital staff to set up a PS4 in Hina’s room. In an attempt to recreate her memories, Yota sets up her favorite game, and he even stays up all night to max her character so that she can play without losing to the bosses.

The caretaker finds this gaming tactic unorthodox, and she digs deep inside Yota’s profile. As Yota and Hina make some progress through gaming and Hina starts enjoying the game, the security finds out about Yota’s fake ID, and Yota panics as he is so close to bringing Hina with him.


Now Yota is hanging by a thread as his identity is about to get revealed when he is so close to bringing his love back. Hina’s interest in video games starts blooming, and it is the only way to make her remember her past life with Yota and his friends. 

Source: The Day I Became a God: Yota’s Recklessness Blew His Cover


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