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Do you know the difference between a single-girder and a double-girder EOT bridge crane? Some people refer to single-beam cranes as “single-beam cranes” or “double-beam cranes.” What are the key distinctions between single-beam and double-beam bridge cranes?

• Crane Structure

To begin with, there is a structural difference between a single girder crane and a Double Girder EOT Cranes: a two-beam bridge crane has two load-bearing structures on the structure, and in terms of self-weight, a double girder bridge crane has a huge tonnage (20 tonnes -600 tons).

• Crane Working Lever

The installation and maintenance of a double beam bridge crane are more difficult and require specific expert knowledge. In addition to the A5 minimum working level, there are A6/A7/A8 working levels for double-girder EOT bridge cranes. The single girder bridge crane has a lightweight bearing beam and a modest tonnage lifting capability (0.5 ton-20 tons).

• Crane Operation Modes

The operation modes of the two types of cranes are also different. The single-girder bridge crane is typically operated on the ground with the wired handle and wireless remote control (just a handful utilize the cabin), but the double-girder EOT bridge crane is usually handled in mid-air with the cab, which requires more operators.

• Crane Mechanical Properties

The mechanical differences between the two cranes are also rather significant. A single-girder bridge crane has a low degree of stability, a limited rated lifting capacity, and a low level of work. Double-girder EOT bridge cranes, on the other hand, have a high operating level, a high rated lifting capability, and high stability.

Is Manual Chain Blocks a better choice?

Archimedes, a Greek inventor, is credited with inventing the manual chain block in the early third century BC. To draw ships out of the water, he created a pulley system. A specific hook and tackle method was used to accomplish this. As a result of these early pulley system developments, manual chain blocks and eventually electric chain hoists were developed.

Advantages of Manual Chain Pulley Blocks

1. Design with a minimalist aesthetic: Manual hoists are preferred by most beginners since they are simple to use. Furthermore, the greatest manual hoists aren't big and cumbersome.

2. Cost-effective choice: Smaller companies and startups may not have a large marketing budget. As a result, for many businesses, manual chain hoists may be the best solution for meeting their needs.


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