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Digital marketing industry is growing at tremendous level and so there are of job and career opportunity in field of digital marketing. Lot of students has question about how can one ace and interview and get the job? The most important thing as marketer is you should be good at presenting your views and ideas, to be quick for strategizing a certain topic. It is also important that you should be aware about latest trends and update about digital marketing. So, learning Digital Marketing courses in Pune you can easily be successes in digital marketing interview.  

You should focus on certain aspects-  

Focus on CV and tell it like a story – Everything starts with CV as it is the most important part before getting a job. So, all you have to do is look back to your history, your achievements, certain important highlights to be mentioned in your CV. You should present yourself in CV as what inspired you to join digital marketing industry or it could be something specific to the role you are applying for. Another best thing you should do is write down 5 to 6 points about each of the roles you have listed in your CV.  

Show your achievements- while a CV is essential, it is also important that you should mention your achievements and experience because this is the opportunity to highlight your success. Something in an interview you will be asked to talk about your certain achievements and at that time try to add colors to your examples and use the opportunity to show your skills, talent and experience they might be looking for.  

The best way to prepare for your interview is to follow STAR model approach and it is as follows-

S – Situation, T – Task, A – Action, R – Result.  

Demonstrate why you want this job – The most asked question is why you want this job? Here you should not only focus in why but also focus on because. You should be already prepared for the question why but follow it up with because, you are capable for it.  

There are certain tips for your digital marketing interview are  

1)     Research.

2)     You should be creative.

3)     You should brand yourself online.

4) You should always prepare for the interview according to your experience.

5)     Always measure your success quantitatively.

6)     Make a list of reference ready.

If followed certain steps and tips it is easy to succeed in digital marketing interview.  

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