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Moulding clips are normally used to attach the plastic mouldings that run along the doors on the outside of the vehicle. On some models, these plastic trim clips are used to attach bumper trims, side skirts and windscreen trim. The clips will nearly always break or be deformed if the trims are removed and so will need replacing.

As well as cars, these plastic trim clips are used on many commercial vehicles. These blue trim clips are used on several different Fiat models including the 500X, Panda and Panda Cross. They are normally used for securing exterior body trim mouldings including side skirts, wheel arch flares and door mouldings. All our fasteners are high-quality aftermarket alternatives made to identical specifications as the OE parts.

These distinctive varied-coloured Exterior Moulding Clips have a small direction arrow embossed on the head. The clip is used by car manufacturers to attach interior pillar covers and exterior wheel arch flares and side mouldings. The clips are used on several modern models such as the Fiat 500L, 500X and the latest Fiat Punto.

Best clips range

Moulded-in clips on plastic parts cover much of the same range. Their job subjects them to a certain amount of deflection as they move out of position and then back again. Often, they face the same deflection repeatedly. Good clips—that is, well-designed clips—handle the stress with ease, recovering fully after each deflection and remaining none the worse for wear.

Effective use

One crucial decision that contributes to the effectiveness of a clip is the choice of material. A spring clip requires some flexibility. If for some reason, the resin in which a part is moulded cannot be as flexible as you’d like, other factors must compensate for that inflexibility.Because clips are long and narrow, they must be properly drafted along their lengths. In addition to easing the ejection of the part from the mould, this also strengthens the clip at its base, the location of the maximum bending moment.



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