The End Of The World – The Rapture – The Truth

The Bible has some wonderful truths buried deepTheMedici Code Reviewin the chaff, but they are few and they are difficult to find. The Bible has been so diluted, amended, expunged, misinterpreted and changed by the following generations from its intended meanings that it is hardly recognizable from the original manuscripts, and if you believe literally in everything you read in the Bible, you are bound to be left confused and disappointed.

Some of the original writings in the Bible about endings and raptures are misinterpretations of ancient myths and superstitions about the end of the world dating back almost to the first man who walked the earth millions of years ago.

Based on the continuity of life of those ancient civilizations, there has been no end of the world since the time of the cave men, but embedded in their reincarnated memories, and the genetic and cellular structures of those ancient people, were the dim remembrances of a time, before the beginning, when another world occupied the same space as the present Earth. Before that, another Earth existed, and before that another.

You might draw some inference from that statement, and that inference is that in what may seem to be a rather dispassionate and uncaring statement, the earth realty, like other similar reality systems is dispensable. As long as you continue to think of physical matter as hard, solid and unmovable, you will have trouble understanding this material. In what you call the past, earths have died, civilizations erased, and replacements have been set in place, the experiment renewed.


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Written by Bealarrieu


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