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The endocrine disrupting effect of homosalate is worrying

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Homosalate is a chemical widely used in sunscreen and sunscreen products. Homosalate is a potential endocrine disruptor, and studies on cells have shown that it may affect hormones. In addition to direct health issues after exposure to the homosalate, this chemical may also promote the absorption of pesticides in the body.


What is homosalate ?


Homosalate is an organic compound belonging to the group of chemical substances called salicylates. Salicylates prevent direct exposure of the skin to harmful rays of the sun by absorbing ultraviolet (UV) rays. Homosalate particularly absorb shortwave UVB radiation, which is associated with DNA damage and an increased risk of skin cancer.


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Endocrine interference: homosalate levels affect the human hormone system, especially the estrogen system. In human breast cancer cells that grow and reproduce under the action of estrogen, exposure to isotype salts can increase cell growth and reproduction by 3.5 times.


Some studies have identified the effects of homosalate exposure on the androgen and progesterone systems. The androgen and progesterone hormone systems are also affected by homosalate levels. Although these findings were only observed in cell culture, caution should be exercised considering the role of these hormones in regulating reproductive organ development.

Due to the discovery of homosalate and other cosmetic ultraviolet filters in human breast milk samples, and the observation of its estrogenic activity in human placental tissue, the endocrine disrupting effect of homosalate is particularly worrying. Pregnancy and infancy are both fragile periods of development, and exposure to compounds that interfere with hormones can lead to adverse health effects.


Breast milk contamination may be common. In a study targeting 54 pairs of mothers and infants, 85.2% of breast milk samples contained ultraviolet filters. The use of products containing ultraviolet filters by mothers during pregnancy and/or lactation is significantly correlated with the presence of these compounds in milk.


Skin absorption: Homosalate is absorbed by the outer layer of the skin. Commercially available sunscreens containing homosalate levels have been proven to increase the amount of pesticides we absorb through the skin. Increased absorption of herbicide 2,4-d was found in mice using sunscreen containing homosalate and strong mosquito repellent DEET.




Infants and children, pregnant women, workers


How to avoid it?


Read the label and avoid using products containing Homeosalate. Choose emulsion or lotion sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


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