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Best Facial in Singapore Korean Chanel face treatment, K beauty glass luminous look read on the story of FILORGA!

Do you know which is the undisputed Best Facial Singapore? The most coveted look in the K-Beauty is the Korean Glass Skin Treatment. It is healthy, plumped up, the luminous and pearl-like look of every Korean actress wears. You might be surprised to know that it is not a Korean product that did that, it is an ingredient from France. Its name is FILLMED NCTF.

What is FILORGA?:

FILORGA originates from France. Origin of the name Filorga = FILLER – ORGANIC. It was invented in 1978 by an aesthetic medical doctor, DR MICHEL TORDJMAN, fascinated by cellular ageing. The core product, FILORGA NCTF, was an innovation in cellular anti-ageing solutions, the pioneer with the 1st anti-ageing injectable cocktail in the ’80s. FILORGA NCTF ( short form: New Cell Therapy Factor) was awarded ISO 13485=Pharmaceutical level. Ageing is a process of losing nutrients and hyaluronic acid the skin needs, but the Best Facial Singapore will take care of that.

The Birth of FILORGA skincare:

Since the invention and the success of NCTF, two skincare ranges containing NCTF, SKIN PERFUSION for medical and professional use, and the MEDICOSMETIQUE range with its signature black packaging for pharmacies and departmental stores. Filorga Medicosmetique boost of having the most retail points throughout France.

Is permanent hair removal In Singapore possible?:

Two things in life can irritate us no end. We could safely say one is white hair that requires constant touch-ups; the other would be unwanted hair on any part of the face and body. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair on the body; some are more primitive than others, and some ways are more expensive than others. So which way of laser hair removal is the best? Most worthy of the buck you are spending?


Shaving removes hair that uses a razor or any other kind of blade. The primary way that shaving works are that hair is cut from the skin level. It is the most convenient way that both men and women use it. Shaving can be done by a wide variety of manual and electric razors. One of the downsides of shaving through razors is that hair is removed for a short time, and then hair grows back thicker. Ingrown hair, where hair grows under the skin, makes it very coarse and unsightly. The choice of blade is also important, and the wrong choice of the blade plus mishandling of razors can cause more harm than good. Although shaving is the cheapest and the easiest, we do not recommend it. Once you began shaving, the coarse and bumpy skin might not recover even if you change another hair removal method.

Fun Fact: The first and the oldest brand of disposable shaving blades is known as Gillette. The full name is King Camp Gillette, but he is not royalty, but an American businessman who passed on in 1932.


Tweezing removes hair from the body by mechanically plucking hair from the follicle. With technological advances, motorised tweezers called epilators are now invented that are geared and marketed more towards women. Tweezing is used to remove hair for a more extended period that can be done with a lot of ease. It removes stray hair from the eyebrows or the face and ingrown hair. Tweezing can cause scarring if it is not correctly used. It is a tool that requires skills for coarser hair follicles. Tweezing is not suitable for body use as it will be like picking grass with a toothpick.

Fun Fact: Tweezerman is the most famous brand of tweezers; we always wonder why not Tweezerwoman or Tweezergirl? Jokes aside, Tweezerman produces good quality tweezers for up to $80 each.

An exfoliating Facial treatment with chemical peel removes the dead skin cells Having the freshest layer of skin cells at the top promotes glow.

An exfoliating facial is the most neglected step of a skincare routine. Of course, you must follow cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin by wearing sunscreen. But when it comes to getting an exfoliating facial for yr skin your skin, most get worried. A smoother and younger-looking complexion is hidden in deeper layers—several ways to exfoliate your skin, including physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, or chemical peels. The word chemical peel sounds scary to many, but it is beneficial for your skin. There is a misconception that chemical peel ‘ thins out the skin too much” or causes the skin to be sensitive. The truth is regular correct chemical peels offer the best form of exfoliation of dead skin cells and keratin waste. Let’s take things slow and understand the importance of exfoliating facial and chemical peels.

What is Exfoliation?:

Do you ever wonder why a baby has smooth and softer skin? A baby’s skin replaces old cells with new and healthy cells every few days. Unfortunately, with ageing, the process of cell turnover slows down. As a result, dead skin cells start to build upon the surface and result in wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, rough and dull complexion. Removing the dead skin cells is known as exfoliation. The physical or chemical exfoliants can do the job. Here we are going to discuss the chemical peels.

What are Chemical Peels?:

A chemical peel is an exfoliating facial treatment that uses a chemical solution to remove dead skin cells from the surface. It is not something you are afraid of putting on your skin. On the contrary, chemical peels are excellent for treating a range of skin concerns. A chemical peel is a magic ingredient if you wish to have brighter, more transparent, and youthful-looking skin. Read on to know the incredible benefits of chemical peels. Chemical peels are also very popular as facial for men.

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