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The female partner is not involved

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The female researcher sneered, “Do you know how many years I've been with the doctor?”? When he was a freshman, I was his senior sister. We studied under the same tutor, did experiments together, and took projects together. No one knew him better than I did. His heart is only research, no worldly wisdom, he will never be good friends with a woman. “Isn't Dr. Shaw a human being?” Yang Huatong twisted his eyebrows and said, “As long as he is a person, he will know the warmth and coldness of human feelings.”. I have seen with my own eyes how Lin Dan takes care of him. It is not too much to say that he is meticulous. What is strange about him being special to Lin Dan? Hey, I have a bad temper, Lin Dan's gift to the doctor, what qualifications do you have to refuse instead of him? I have to see the doctor today. Get out of the way! “Then you can try!” The female researcher did not hesitate at all. She took out a remote control and pressed it. The ceiling made of metal opened. Several laser transmitters stretched out and aimed at Yang Huatong's eyebrows. Seeing that the two gangs were about to fight, the door of the laboratory opened from the inside. Xiao Junlin said in a cold voice, “What happened?” The female researcher quickly apologized and told the story again. She knew all too well what a cold and heartless man Dr. Shaw was. When he was at school, there were more women trying to climb up to him than there are now, but there was no chance to get close to him. She directly let Yang Huatong leave is to give him face, if let Dr. Xiao to deal with, this person will definitely be on the blacklist of the Institute,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, from now on can no longer come in, the broken box will be thrown into the trash can directly destroyed. This time, however, she was wrong. Xiao Junlin's expression slowed down slightly and asked, “Did Lin Dan ask you to send this?” “Yes, yes, yes,ultrasonic dispersion machine, she told me to deliver it to you before dawn.” Yang Huatong nodded hurriedly. Xiao Junlin subconsciously stretched out his hand to pick it up. He seemed to think of something. He was stunned. Then he pointed to a console next to him and said, “Put it on.” Yang Huatong could not guess what he meant and whether he would spoil Lin Dan's mind, and his face was somewhat embarrassed. The female researcher looked at the doctor in surprise, as if she didn't know him at all. Xiao Junlin explained for the first time: “I will disinfect the box.” “Oh, oh!”! Yes, it should be. Only then did Yang Huatong feel relieved. He put the box on the console and reminded him, “Doctor, there is a note on it. Don't miss it.” Xiao Junlin kept silent and just opened the nozzles around the console to disinfect the box. Seeing that he stretched out his hand to take something of unknown origin, the female researcher stopped him in a shrill voice: “Wait a minute, doctor, according to the procedure, all the things given to you by outsiders need to be checked.” “Check my ass!”! The box is transparent and full of water. Can't you see it? Yang Huatong was really annoyed by these people and said, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, “Don't you suspect that Lin Dan will poison Dr. Xiao?”? Where were you when she was guarding the base? Where were you when she was busy treating the wounded? Don't take your needle-sharp mind to guess Lin Dan's mind, okay? When the base was in danger, the first request of these researchers was to prepare a plane to take them away, without any help. Of course, this is human nature, Yang Huatong can understand, but after the battle, he hoped to send a few medical researchers to the tent area to see the wounded, but these people refused. If the doctor's research was not related to the future of mankind, he would have been angry. The female researcher was so angry that smoke came out of her head. “What kind of good man do you think Lin Dan is?” She sneered? Two days ago, she bribed a security officer of the Institute to inquire about the doctor's daily life in a roundabout way. What do you think she's going to do? Know a man's face but not his heart. I advise stationmaster Yang to pay more attention. God knows if some people are spies sent by other bases. Several researchers who gathered around naturally stood on the side of their colleagues and immediately said in support: “I think Lin Dan is also a little strange.”. We asked her for a prescription for insect repellent and attractant, and she flatly refused. If she is as selfless as you say, she should hand over the prescription and let the base control it. ” Yang Huatong was so angry that he laughed and sneered, “Is it under the control of the base or under your control?”? Say a word that is not pleasant to hear, that thing is originally Lin Dan, she is willing to keep, she is willing to give who to who, no one is qualified to rob from her hands. Yes, the effect of her medicine is terrible, but instead of being taken away by you who are afraid of death and impersonal, I am more confident to leave it in her hands, because she has conscience, responsibility and responsibility, and will never leave her compatriots at the critical moment. Several researchers became angry from embarrassment and wanted to argue again, but they heard Xiao Junlin say slowly, “Lin Dan is looking for someone to inquire about my daily life.” He looked at the female researcher with deep eyes. The female researcher was so pleased that she thought the doctor must be angry. “Yes, just three days ago, she bribed a security guard on the tenth floor to inquire about your movements,” she said. If I hadn't been alert enough, I would have found out that something was wrong with that person, and maybe she would have taken away our secrets. Doctor, you can rest assured that I have fired all the relevant personnel, and our Institute will never keep these ill-intentioned people. Xiao Junlin opened the glass box and continued to ask: “What exactly did she inquire about?” “She asked you what you had done since you came back that day, whether you had shown any abnormalities, whether you had vomited or felt uncomfortable, and said that if you were not feeling well, the security personnel must inform her in time that she knew medicine and could cure it.”. I think she's just looking for an opportunity to get close to you, and I don't know what she's up to. Xiao Junlin nodded carelessly, but he couldn't hold back after all. He chuckled. “Get back all the people who were fired.” He ordered: “Tell her what Lin Dan wants to ask in the future. Don't hide it.” These words are undoubtedly like a huge slap in the face of the female researcher. She gave a cry of surprise, but lost the ability to speak under the cold gaze of Xiao Junlin. Yang Huatong, who was full of discomfort,sonicator homogenizer, burst out laughing and said proudly, “Look, I said that the relationship between the doctor and Lin Dan is unusual.”. What's wrong with friends giving gifts to each other? What's wrong with asking each other how things are going? Is it so complicated to think about it? 。 fycgsonic.com


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