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The Enamel Pin:

The enamel pin is a metal pin that can attach to backpacks, jackets, jeans, and more. The pins are also known as a folding pin, which is a small pin worn on clothing, sometimes on the lapel of a jacket, attached to a bag, and displayed on a piece of fabric. The enamel pins are highly customized with any features and designs. The enamel pin is a metal pin is some kind of decorative enamel on it. The pins are made from steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and iron. These enamel pins are used in many ways given below some of the uses of the enamel pin.

1. Decorate to your beanie.

2. Decorate your bag.

3. Dress up your pet.

4. Embroidery hoop.

5. Pinboard.

6. Attach your dress for fitting the dress.

The Features of Enamel Pins:

The features of enamel pins are the thin metal lines are separating in every color and a smooth hard enamel finish. The pins are made up of die-smacked iron metal which is produced by heating to heat, then polishing to make a smooth enamel pin. Most people like to feel unique and communicate their ideas frankly. These enamel pins are helping them, portray their personalities. These pins have created a people special and unique within inexpensive cost.

The enamel pins are available in many kinds of designs some cats, dogs design. Some designs also are popular for customized women's power pins, cool womanism enamel pins, girl power pins, funny novelty womanism pins, vulva pins, etc.

People buy enamel pins because of their high quality and very durable pin which provides depth to look gorgeous. A soft enamel pin can accommodate any design. That’s why customers are buying these pins. The enamel pins are fashion accessories and using these pins you look good wherever you put them. Here 1.5” tall hard enamel pin with real gold plating double-Posted to be more secure with butterfly clasps and buy it for the glorious gold butthole. This collector-grade mischievous cat pin is premium quality and will make the perfect companion for the years to come. You can choose from available colors or might as well collect them all. Grab it today as a great gift for yourself or those furr loving family members and friends. Who says black cats are unlucky? We think they’re beautiful. This black, white & gold enamel pin is produced in a woodcut style, to give it a beautiful, raw look. If your witch’s coven doesn’t have a black cat yet, you can adopt this one. For the Sailor Moon fans, this pin reminds us a little bit of Luna.

• 1” Double-posted hard enamel

• Two butterfly clasps

• Real gold plating

• Crescent Moon Birthmark

• Every witch needs a black cat

This pin looks great on leather or denim jackets, backpacks, hats or your pinboard. This is the perfect pin for the cat lovers & witches of the world. Black cat pin design: The witch cat is always mysterious in people's impression. However, black gives it a stronger color with a true texture. Cat lapel pins set consist of four different enamel brooches-A black cat is sitting in a cup and looking into the distance the other one crawls on the stone and looks around, the other two are still sitting and moving. If you like gothic or cat badge pins, this brooch badge is perfect for you.

Material Composition: Cat enamel brooch are mainly made of quality alloy and baking paint. Durable and not easy to get rust or fade. Backpack enamel pins are delicate, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly that won't affect your body. A black button for a secure fit, for easy to wear, do not waste your time.

Wide Usages: These witch cat pins not only can decorate your dress, but also can make you attract people's attention at parties, weddings, graduation ceremonies, dating, enough quantity, and styles for your daily wear and match with different outfits and occasions.

Gift Choice: A witch enamel pin as a small gift can surprise your friends, family, and colleagues. Brooch badge to your lover, it can strengthen or stabilize your relation. A good package will make you have a good day when you get it. Suitable for Valentine's Day, mothers’ holidays, anniversaries, weddings and birthdays, or any Special festivals.

Exquisite Animal Pins Set: Badge brooches come with 4 pieces of cartoon brooches. They have a different styles that you can change them as you want. In addition, 4 pairs of spare buttons were prepared for emergency use.


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