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Cenforce 100 is the medicine we can use for Erectile Dysfunction in males. Cenforce 200 is the other dosage level of this pill. This drug used to maintain an erection throughout the intercourse independently. This drug available in different dosage levels like 25mg, 50mg, 100mg &200 mg. Irrespective of the dosage levels, this pill can work the same. This pill is an excellent replacement for Viagra. These drugs need to be prescribed by doctors to buy from Pharmacy or Online Drug stores. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 can cure Erectile Dysfunction easier and much faster.

The problem of erectile dysfunction has upset the lives of many couples. Due to this medical problem, the male individual feels embarrassed in front of their partner. Majorly could not satisfy the other partner in bed during love making as he can give a hard erection.

Tablets like Cenforce give the most genuine and better treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction causes an extreme impact on one's mental health and affects the self-esteem of the person suffering from it. Using this medicine can boost the individual's confidence, which eventually causes a better sex life for an individual.

What Is The Purpose Of Tablets Like Cenforce 100mg?

Cenforce 100mg used to treat Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction in Male. Based on the Doctor's Prescription, one can decide the required dosage of that pill. When in the higher dosage required, males can take Cenforce 200mg.

How To Use This Drug? 

The action of consuming this drug is so easy, and it is just like having any other regular pill that can directly swallowed with one glass of water. It should not be chewed and broken down into pieces for consumption. You can consume the medicine with normal temperature water only—neither cool nor hot water.

Please note that this pill needs to consumed after doctor consultation, and the patient needs to take the recommended dosage.

Time Required For Cenforce Functioning In The Male Body

The pill needs to be taken 40-50 minutes before the Sexual Intercourse. The time of Erection will depend on many elements like the user's health condition, Habits, Alcohol Consumption, and intake of Smoke or weed. The working of the pill lasts for about 4 – 5 hours.

How Does This Function?

Erectile Dysfunction is the condition where the blood cells in the penis do not expand or expand for less time after sexual stimulation, and blood pressure on the other parts will decrease. Generally, for any sexual stimulation, the blood vessels in the penis get expanded, and the blood inflow into the penis increases, which causes the Erection of the Penis.

The failure of blood inflow into the penis for any reason causes Erectile Dysfunction.

The Cenforce is a big gift for Men who are facing such issues. It makes the Blood flow into the penis and decreases the Blood Pressure. This can use only when the doctor confirms that the person has this condition.

How To Store This Pill? 

One should store the pill in cold conditions, like 14-35 degrees Celsius. Avoid storing in moist places to get rid of the reaction. If not, the tablet will get unnecessarily wasted.

Available Dosages 

These pills are available in different levels of dosages. Based on the doctor's prescription, the dose level can use on the requirement.

Dosage Levels are

  • 25mg
  • 50mg
  • 100mg
  • 200mg

Precautions Of Cenforce Usage 

  • Before consuming any tablet or pill, take all the necessary precautions. It is a composition of chemicals that may give reactions when our body does not accept it.
  • This pill needs to be taken before intercourse, not before any physical activities like playing, working out, jogging or walking.
  • People with any heart-related problems need to be very careful while consuming such pills as these are used to increase blood flow, and the Heart is the vital organ that pumps blood into the body.
  • People who undergo surgeries like Bypass or organs that support blood supply can affect. So, this leads to the interruption of their regular function.
  • Make sure you buy these pills from authorized dealers or stores.
  • The dosage must and should be taken based on the doctor's prescription.
  • No more than one pill in 24 hours and Excess intake of this pill can cause pain during intercourse.
  • You must be sure that you are not allergic to the drug and do not have any health conditions that may worsen the situation.
  • Making sure that you use the drug properly can cause problems when misused.

Shape And Ingredients 

This pill consists of the same composition and ingredient as Sildenafil. It is round-shaped and coated with blue colour.

How Can We Buy This Pill? 

The male patient can buy the pill in two ways. They are

  1. Regular way from the nearby Pharmacy
  2. Online Store
  1. Regular Way From The Nearby Pharmacy

This is the usual practice that the people in any area do, but this will be a bit uncomfortable, like getting unusual stares from everybody while buying these things.

It will help if you carry your Doctor's Prescription to get this pill. If not, you will come back empty-handed.

  1. Online Store

There are many better reasons to buy this pill online that even help us buy it comfortably.

Reasons for buying this online.

Comfortable – Going to a nearby Pharmacy and buying them there may be uncomfortable. Even though we are comfortable enough to go there, it can cause weird stares from fellow customers to be odd.

Cost-Effectiveness – Most online stores selling this pill are available at regular discount prices, and ordering in bulk can give us actual discount prices that save us a lot of money.

Availability – Some specific websites meant for selling such products so that there will not be any scarcity or unavailability of this pill.

Convenient – Every Human being tends to live his life with utmost convenience and comfort. Going to the Pharmacy nearby and standing in the line and getting our things is inconvenient. Even if we face all these, those stares we get from strangers are more uncomfortable. Finally, it is better to buy online as it is just at the doorstep.

Safety and Confidentiality – Online merchants pack these pills in a very confidential manner. It allows us to be comfortable; by getting the tracking id of the product, we will be free from unnecessary tension.


Prevention is always better than cure. The first thing is we are responsible for such health conditions. Our unhealthy lifestyles cause erectile dysfunction, stress, and bad habits like excessive drinking, smoking, and weed usage. The other significant reason for this sexual problem is stress, hormonal imbalance, anxiety. In persons suffering from anxiety, Panic attacks are more bound to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Always make sure to remove the root cause of the problem. One should maintain a healthy lifestyle for the proper functioning of the body. Sometimes even medications we are taking for our chronic health issues can also cause this Erectile Dysfunction. So, here, in this case, we need to concentrate on the vital health issue so male health issues like Erectile Dysfunction can get cured and their couple lives are at great peace.


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