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In Singapore, it's common to see foreign domestic workers (FDWs), sometimes known as domestic assistants. About 10% of the workforce is made up of these individuals, the most of whom are from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar. They significantly contribute to the workforce. They are in charge of childcare, cleaning, and taking care of elderly relatives in numerous homes.

FDWs often work under two-year contracts and are paid $500 to $1,000 each month. In addition to receiving compensation, they have a right to housing, food, and medical attention. The high expense of living, lack of senior and child care facilities, and prevalence of long work hours in Singapore all contribute to the need for FDWs there.

The usage of domestic help is still up for dispute, though. While some claim that FDWs are underpaid and mistreated, others maintain that they are an integral part of Singapore's labour and give families access to essential services.

You can engage a domestic helper, who offers a number of advantages. Benefits to young child families come from providing much-needed childcare services. Domestic workers also assist with a number of household tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and laundry, freeing up parents' time to spend with their children or continue their jobs.

FDWs help families of elderly relatives maintain their freedom by providing companionship and support with daily duties. Finding domestic help is challenging, though. Some families may experience severe financial hardship as a result of the cost of hiring an FDW, including their monthly salary. Furthermore, despite the fact that FDWs and their employers are aware of one another's cultures, there might be cultural differences.

Domestic helpers are a vital part of Singaporean households, helping with childcare, housework, and senior care. Potential barriers, such as expenses and cultural differences, should be recognised and addressed in order to foster a productive working partnership.

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