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Social media is most used platform all over the globe and now a part of everyone’s life. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn has connected us with each other across the globe. Social media is an integral part of everybody’s life and many people have habit of checking first social media after waking up in the morning. So social media is important in consumer’s lives, marketers and businesses to use social media platforms to target customers. However, content in flooded all over social media platforms, there is huge competition all over market. So now it is important for marketers to stand out in the crowd using several social media strategies and new trends. Before buying any product many customers first look for online review or follow social media influencer. Social media influencers help promote your business on several social media platforms. Online influencers make huge impact on customers buying decision. That is why many companies target online influencers to promote their business. Day by day there is a new trend coming up in the market and a company has to follow the trend for their business to stay up-to date in the market. In future social media is going to change drastically and also there is a change is 2022 as compared to previous years. On your own. You can learn the future of social media and online influence of digital marketing 2022 by doing Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.

  • Direct shopping from various social media platforms will introduce in the future and that’s why we’ll see the introduction of checkout and direct payment method through various social media platform. You can also see product on social media platforms using product tag, instead of being taken to another website or another platform.
  • Augmented reality (AR) will be introduced by various social media platforms as marketing tool in the future. AR marketing tool will allow all brands/business to apply filters that can help to create best shopping experience for the customers.
  • There will be addition of several technologies which will help add the product tag in in live conversation or customers can purchase any item on the spot by just tapping on any stories.
  • Social media can also become primary customer service tool as now we have several call centers and email.
  • Social media will also focus on younger audience especially they might introduce child friendly version of popular social media platforms. The content will only focus on positive and right content just for kids. This platform will be completely ad free so that kids should not have to read any negative or content which is not necessary for them.
  • There will be more advanced algorithm introduced in future for better progress, better engagement, more views, dwell time and more. You can learn social media and online influence with Digital Marketing Classes in Pune.

To conclude, social media is growing every day and there is lot of updates in various social media platform. It will keep on changing in future which will help not only for marketers but also for customers.


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